Sunday, August 9, 2009

The SEIU-The "Purple People Beaters"

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

From Free Republic, I came across this additional video from the Russ Carnahan town hall melee outside St Louis on August 6. The video is not clear but purports to show an SEIU woman shoving a camera into the face of the person operating it.

Just who is this union-the Service Employees International Union? It is the fastest-growing union in America-and it is closely allied with President Obama, the Democratic Party and their leftist causes. These are the people who are aggressively-I mean aggressively- working to bring workers into their union through strong-arm tactics such as they recently used at the University of Miami calling for hunger strikes.

The SEIU is largely made up of service workers, janitors, care-givers, food workers etc. Among the political causes they support are government health care, the card check system (currently in Congress, which would basically eliminate secret votes for joining unions)and the mess we have in California called the In-Home Supportive Services Program, by which the state pays people who are providing in-home care for aged and ill family members. As good as that sounds, it is rife with fraud.

SEIU's president (Boss)- is Andy Stern, who has gained a lot of enemies for his inside-fighting skills and aggressive tactics. He can usually be found dressed in purple-the union's color. Make no mistake, he is a part of Obama's left-wing revolution that has taken over Washington. If this guy has his way, every working American will be in a union-like it or not.

The SEIU is a force that every American should be aware of. What we saw in St Louis on August 6 is just a harbinger of what will come to pass if we don't stand up to this government takeover and their enforcers. Obama, the Democrats and SEIU are in bed with each other like a menage-a-trois on steroids. If not, why did Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sibelius, make a conference call to SEIU and tell them to "keep doing what you are doing" on August 7, the day after SEIU caused physical confrontations in Tampa and St Louis?

There is an old adage that thugs and bullies must be stood up to. The SEIU and its boss, Andy Stern, have shown themselves to be just that. Thus, they must be stood up to.

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