Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Vandalism Against Israeli Products (AHAVA)

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

Previously, I have reported on the activities of anti-Israeli activists trying to cause disruptions at Trader Joe's stores selling Israeli products. Now the wacky ladies at Code Pink are on the march organizing a de-shelving operation aimed at stores selling AHAVA products. AHAVA is an Israeli cosmetics company that uses ingredients from the Dead Sea and whose products are sold in the US. That cannot be allowed according to the mad-hatters at Code Pink.

One Code Pink member is a lady identified as "Rabbi" Lynn Gottlieb, who is also a co-director of Middle Eastern Programming (Pacific Mountain region-wherever that is) for the American Friends Service Committee, an anti-Israel collection of leftist activists and misfits. She has written an article endorsing Code Pink's action against AHAVA and advises her readers to do the following:

"Disrupting - Holding Banners, Doing Chants, Wearing Mud & Bikinis

Leafletting - handing out information to consumers, employees, etc.

Sticker-ing Products - Labeling products as made from occupied territories (be careful not to get caught) You can print on regular mailing labels “MADE BY ISRAELI

Removing Products from Shelves - Placing items in carts or baskets and moving off shelves. Place in carts with leaflets. Or attempt to purchase and then 'suddenly realize' that the products are made in occupied Palestine and refuse to buy.

Get creative!"

Creative indeed. Hell, why not just burn the store down, Ms Gottlieb? (I'd better not give them any ideas.)

But I digress. Here is another tactic that Code Pink is using to fight AHAVA (from there own web site):

"Bikini-clad CODEPINK activists smeared with mud have already rallied in Tel Aviv, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, France , and just yesterday in DC to expose the dirty secrets of AHAVA. You don't have to don a bikini to take part in our boycott, however."

So there you have it. Another orchestrated campaign of vandalism and intimidation designed to tell people what they cannot sell or buy. And the ironic thing about this is that in many cases, it is Palestinian workers in Israel who would lose jobs if these campaigns were effective.

So what can we do? The same thing that we did during the Trader Joe's flap when we dramatically increased their business and that of their Israeli products.

Buy AHAVA. Guys, tell your wives all about the miraculous benefits of AHAVA's Dead Sea cosmetics. Spread the word. And you know what? Somewhere, some Palestinian worker will thank you for saving his/her job.

Don't let these idiots win.

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