Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BO's Enemies List: Twitter #Flag Hashtag Defined

by Barbara Sowell

The hashtag #Flag or #flag is going viral in response to the White House attempt to create an enemies list by having followers spy on friends and then forward those e-mails against ObamaCare to the White House.

First Amendment Rights advocates, defenders of our Bill of Rights, and those in opposition to ObamaCare are growing by the minute and choosing to openly reveal their opposition to this attack on our freedom of speech in e-mails to the White House and on Twitter by using the #Flag or #flag hashtag when Twittering.

See press release and letter to the White House in opposition to the totalitarian-style collection of names, email addresses, IP addresses, and private speech of U.S. citizens by the White House sent by Sen. John Cornyn 8/5/09.

#Flag As defined by me on:


"Part of e-mail address used by the White House to create an enemies list of all critics of ObamaCare. See press release in opposition by Sen. John Cornyn 8/5/09"

Here are a few of the first #flag hashtag Twitters

@NWAConservative What does BO, Hitler, Stalinl Dictators have in common. Turn in your neighbors that disagree with them. #tcot #tlot

@JConstitution Is it domestic spying when the enemy tells you they're doing it #flag

@Weaselcommander RT @BleedblueKyGirl: "Obama can kiss my Gun Totin, Flag Waving, Gas Guzzling , God lovin American Ass" #fishy #flag #extremist #ILOVEIT

@johnswinglish RT @WeaselCommander Can't we all just get along Your going to upset Obama's brown shirts! #flag #fishy #gop #tcot #Conservative

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