Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pam Am Flt 103 Lockerbie Scotland Bomber to be Released?

by Maggie at Maggie's Notebook

The man convicted of the Lockerbie bombings, blowing up 259 people on board and 11 on the ground over Lockerbie, Scotland, may soon be released from prison because he has "terminal" prostate cancer. Abdel Basset al Megrahi is the Lockerbie Pan Am Flt. 103 bomber and he is the only person convicted and behind bars for this act of terrorism. See video below.

Abdel Basset al Megrahi

The former Libyan secret service agent is imprisoned in Scotland. The Scots may release this killer on "compassionate" concerns. The Scottish government says Megrahi's case is under "ongoing review."

Thirty-five Syracuse University students were aboard that flight on December 21, 1988, with a total of 180 Americans dying in the fiery crash. Arlington National Cemetery has a memorial ceremony each year, and Syracuse University has an annual remembrance service at exactly 2:03 p.m. each December 21st.

Holger expresses my sentiments exactly.


From Holger at Holger Awakens

You guessed it, my blood is boiling here. This piece of shit dirt bag, Abdel Basset al Megrahi, convicted of the Lockerbie bombing of the Pan Am flight headed to America that killed 270 people in 1988...who was sentenced to life in prison for the cowardly, hideous terror attack is being released from prison for "compassionate" reasons due to his terminal prostate cancer.

Well, I'll tell you what - not only does this mutherfucker deserve to be in prison until he chokes on his last breath, he should have every pain medication withheld from him until that day. Mercy to a piece of shit that killed 270 innocent people? Bullshit! How this bastard didn't get the death penalty is beyond me...oh wait, it's Europe....nevermind.

It wouldn't surprise me on iota that this jihadi gets back to his home, calls up some of his buddies and plots the next attack. Once a jihadi, always a jihadi. This is a slap in the face to all family members of the victims of that Pan Am flight - Scotland, what a disgrace to humanity you are today.

Here's the slop of a report from Reuters:

Lockerbie bomber to be free from Scottish jail: report
LONDON (Reuters) - A former Libyan agent convicted of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing is to be released from a Scottish prison on compassionate grounds, Britain's Sky News television reported Wednesday.
Abdel Basset al Megrahi, who has terminal prostate cancer, was sentenced to life in prison for blowing up a Pan Am airliner over the Scottish town of Lockerbie as it flew from London to New York on December 18, 1988, killing all 259 people on board and 11 people on the ground.
End Holger Awakens.

The following video was put together by the nephew of one of the Syracuse University victims, Joshua Hunt-Barry who was 10 years old in 2008 when the video first aired. The aunt he never met, Karen Lee Hunt, was one of the Syracuse University students on-board Lockerbie Pan Am Flt. 103. Joshua narrates the video.

Lockerbie Pan Am Flt. 103


  1. It shows respect for Islam and thats what counts today.

  2. This scumbag deserves nothing more than to rot in prison and die a slow death. He deserves no mercy or compassion. None was shown to the
    270 passengers of flight 103.
    What a POS human being, and I use the word human very loosely.

  3. @BL%40KBIRD: I'm trusting that you are not advocating FOR Islam - that you are just making an observation about authorities?

    If so, thank for coming by and participating.

  4. @PatriotUSA: I agree with every word you said. This man should suffer on a cold hard cot in his prison cell. I hope the victim's families and the people of Lockerbie and Scotland can stop this.

    I wonder if paying for treatment has anything to do with releasing him? If so there is an easy way to handle that: don't treat him.

    You are a wonderful participant here at Radarsite. Thanks so much.

  5. And while all this is happening, John McCain is leading a delegation to Libya and arranging for them to receive "non-lethal" defense equipment from us.