Monday, August 10, 2009

Lily Burk-Another Outrageous Murder Case in California

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Lily Burk-Another victim on the altar of liberalism

Last month, there was yet another murder case in California that should have been prevented-had only the criminal justice system done its job. This time, an innocent 17-year-old girl named Lily Burk was murdered in Los Angeles by a recently released 50-year-old ex-con named Charley Samuel.

Samuel, with a long record of arrests for violent crime, had recently been released by prison authorities (in February). Homeless, he was receiving treatment for drug abuse in Los Angeles when he abducted Lily Burk in her car. Lily was a resident of nearby Los Feliz, a district of Los Angeles. During the hours of her abduction, Lily telephoned her parents asking how she could access their bank account an ATM. By the time it was over, Lily had been murdered, and her body was discovered in her car in downtown Los Angeles. Her throat had been slashed with a knife. Samuels was arrested on drug possession charges before Lily's body was even discovered.

Beyond the horrific details of the crime itself, here is what also draws anger. Samuels with his criminal record, should never have been released to begin with. Had he not been released, Lily would still be alive today.

And it's about to get worse in California. With the current budget crisis, California is about to release 27,000 inmates from state prisons to save money. To make matters worse, that is not enough to satisfy the ultra-liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. Last week, they ordered that California release over 40,000 state inmates within the next two years. Why? Because state prison medical care is not up to snuff according to the ultra-liberal three judge panel that issued the order. In their opinion, California is not spending enough money per capita (per prisoner) for medical care. Thus, over 40,000 inmates must be released.

At this point, California is bracing for a tidal wave of violent crime from these tens of thousands of prisoners who will be cut loose. They will be coming after us, after our homes, after our children, after out daughters, and anything else they choose to steal or victimize.

But the judges don't care. The politicians in Sacramento-at least the Democratic politicians-don't care. Actually, the Republican politicians didn't care enough to really fight that battle, either. They made a deal with the Democrats that gave them cover in the budget vote.

How many more Lily Burks will have to die to make the liberals in California happy?

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