Saturday, March 21, 2009

Who Are the Real "Little Eichmanns"?

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini,
aka "Little Eichmann", meets with Hitler in Berlin

My colleague Donald Douglas from American Power blog alerted me to the fact that the civil trial of Ward Churchill vs the University of Colorado is on-going in Denver. Perhaps, it is fitting that Churchill's current activities are passing without much notice. (While I hope he loses his lawsuit against CU, it is hard to sympathize with a university that hired Churchill in the first place.) Yet, his loony supporters, the usual collection of rag-tag "revolutionary organizations", are making a big production out of supporting Churchill-especially his infamous reference to 9-11 victims as "Little Eichmanns". It is not even worth my while to mention their names, yet it is worthwhile to take their defense of the "Little Eichmann" moniker and point out the obvious contradiction.

In browsing the words of these losers, I noted references to those who died on the top floors of the World Trade Center being "targeted because they made their living on the bodies of Arab children", thus justifying Churchill's sick description of those poor lost souls. I'll set aside the obvious link that has been established between Middle Eastern radicals and the far-left in America. The real point I want to make here is who are the real "Little Eichmanns?"

First, let us go back to when the real Adolf Eichmann was walking around in Europe during World War II. One of his allies was a certain Amin al-Husseini, the Jew-hating Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a vile man, who was the most powerful and influential religious leader of his time in the Middle East. During WW II, Husseini actually resided in Hitler's Berlin, made anti-Semitic radio broadcasts back to the Middle East urging pogroms against Jews and helped to organize a Muslim brigade in Bosnia that fought alongside the Germans and carried out massacres of Jews in their region. Oh yes, he himself also collaborated with the real Adolf Eichmann. Only post-war realpolitik prevented this monster from being prosecuted for war crimes and hanged. In other words, the victorious allies were afraid of angering the Arab world.

There was a real Little Eichmann!

(Looking at the Left blog has a good essay on al-Husseini in connection with Churchill and the "Little Eichmann" issue at the below site.)

Bringing us back to the present-day, Churchill's admirers might want to consider why Hitler's Mein Kampf is, to this day, a top best-seller in the Middle East-translated in Arabic as Mein Jihad. Or why millions of people in the Middle East still admire the memory of Hitler.

Do you think there are some "Little Eichmanns" running around the Middle East today?

Note that above I said the Middle East. Yet, in recent pro-Palestinian protests in the United States and Canada in the wake of the fighting in Gaza, some Arab protesters were heard (and seen on YouTube) shouting, "Long live Hitler!", "Jews go back to the ovens!", "You need a bigger oven!" "Hitler rest in peace!", "Go Nazi Germany!", "Hitler didn't finish the job!", and on and on. These words were heard from Ft Lauderdale to Los Angeles to San Francisco to Toronto to who knows where else.

Do you think there are some "Little Eichmanns" among the US and Canadian Muslim communities today?

Churchill and his supporters, of course, would argue that the references to Eichmann have been made because Eichmann never shot or gassed anybody personally, but was a bureaucrat who signed orders and helped run the machinery of the death transports. Does Eichmann have his modern-day counterparts, and if so, who are the real "Little Eichmanns" of today?

Are they those who believe that Jews should be killed?

Are they those who shout, "Hitler didn't finish the job"?

Are they the imams who preach hatred in mosques and call for the destruction of Jews and Western Civilization-knowing that their words will incite murder-as they have certainly done?

Are they those who, like in the UK, carry banners calling for the beheading of anyone who "insults" Islam-including cartoonists?

Are they those who recruit and send out suicide bombers?

Are they those who organize phony Middle East charities, whose real purpose is to support world-wide terrorism?

Are they those who contribute to these charities in the full knowledge that they are funding terrorism?

Are they those radical leftists in the West who form ideological bonds with terrorists as a way of venting their opposition to their own societies?

Are they the supporters of people like Ward Churchill?

Who are the real "Little Eichmanns"?


  1. I always have mixed feelings when reading the commentaries on this web site. My first reaction is to just curl up under the blankies and hide away from the madness of our world. That works for an hour, perhaps two if I'm lucky. My second reaction is to go do something pro-active and empowering - at least for me - like writing another scathing letter to my congressman or senators, or donating to a web site like Act! for America (or, gee, this one:)

    Please know how very appreciated your articles and op-eds are. I think half of this nation is still in a state of shock over the election result - perhaps "grief" would be more appropriate. The grief escalates every single day - all one needs to do is read about the latest absurd decision made by the administration. But at some point, sooner than later, may our collective grief turn to righteous anger. By my count, we're about two minutes before midnight, and that's way too close to be taking comfort under blankies.

    Please keep writing. I and others will keep reading, and acting upon the information. In the end it may not amount to much, but I, for one, refuse to go down without a fight. If anyone comes for me, let them do so because my voice is perceived as a threat to their madness.

    I know that last was off topic (not to mention it smacks of melodramaticism - but now perhaps you see where your commentaries take me! :)

  2. Denise-Marie,

    Thank you for your comments. One thing we must fight to the end is this spread of anti-Semitic hate and drive to install Shariah.