Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sweden Hosts Israel in the Davis Cup-Sort of

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

This week, Davis Cup tennis play featured Israel visiting Sweden in the southern city of Malmo. Unfortunately, the Israeli tennis players were treated as anything but guests. That is because Malmo is host to other "guests", their large immigrant population, mostly Muslim, and anything but good guests. Malmo's Muslim population, largely concentrated in the Rosengard section, has basically taken over the city. Periodically, they turn out on the streets to voice their displeasure with their host country-most recently during the Gaza fighting when they engaged in violent street protests.

Because of fears of violence, the Swedish authorities dictated that the tennis matches would be played in a near empty stadium. Only special guests could enter and watch the matches. Nevertheless, the protesters turned out in force on Saturday, throwing stones and incendiary devices at police and vandalizing their vans. Nine people were formally arrested and about 100 others detained.

You can view the festivities below:

I am going to say this as carefully and diplomatically as I can. As an American, I am a big supporter of immigration (I am married to an immigrant). Our country needs new blood, especially from those who appreciate our liberties and want to contribute to our country, as most do. What I expect from immigrants is simple; they should come legally, stay legally, obey the laws, give their allegiance, assimilate, and adopt the values of the host country.

Is that asking too much?

Having said all that, what I see happening in places like Malmo and other cities in Europe is outrageous. I don't see why for the life of me, the Europeans are tolerating this. Why are these people not arrested, prosecuted and when the courts are done with them-deported back to where they came from? In Malmo, Swedes cannot enter certain parts of their own city. Ditto for the surrounding suburbs of Paris.
There are parts of London where British Jews dare not enter. In the Netherlands, a film maker was butchered to death on a public street, a prominent Muslim apostate has to live in hiding-as well as Dutch MP Geert Wilders-all for daring to criticize Islam.

Europe has not seen such a dark age since it was occupied by Nazi Germany. When does a self-respecting nation stand up and tell these troublemakers that if they can't obey the laws and respect the nation they have chosen to immigrate to-they can leave? This is precisely what Australian leaders have stated publicly. Why can't the Europeans?

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