Wednesday, March 4, 2009

E-Verify To Expire Friday!!!

E-Verify expires on March 6, 2009 – thanks to the Stimulus Plan!!! Please sign the petition and if you are a blogger or have a forum put the petition on your site!

Wake Up America Movement has sent out the following alert and call for urgent action. If you believe that illegal immigration is a serious issue which damages our US economy and our culture, sign this  PETITION for REINSTATEMENT OF E-VERIFY (see petition at end of this explanation).

E-Verify is a free, simple web-based system that verifies employment eligibility of new employees. It is the primary means by which American businesses can easily ascertain the work status of new hires online - and is long considered a “Smart Business Practice.”

Access to E-Verify has been in existence since 1997. It is operated jointly by the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration. More than 87,000 employers are enrolled in the program and in 2008 E-Verify had over 6.5 million queries.

As of February 12, Department of Homeland Security website still indicates that “starting May 12, 2009 Federal contractors will be required to use the E-Verify system, so that the federal government does business with companies that have a legal workforce.”

Despite that official online government information:

While the House of Representatives recommended a 4 year renewal of E-Verify in late 2008, the Senate reduced this extension to only 4 months. And the Congressional Conference Committee which finalized the “Stimulus Plan” (HR1) removed permanent use of E-Verify from that bill altogether. As a result, E-Verify expires on March 6, 2009 .

Apparently, Congress is hoping We the People won’t notice they want to let legal status checks on US workers disappear! Let’s show Capital Hill we are paying attention. If you believe that illegal immigration is a serious issue which damages our US economy and our culture, sign this Petition Now and send everyone you know who cares to also sign on - right away.

This Petition for Reinstatement of E-Verify, in support of hiring workers who have legal work status, will be sent to Washington.


We, the undersigned People, represents millions more middle class American workers who believe that US jobs should go to US citizens and immigrants of legitimate legal status. We recognize the employment of illegal aliens disenfranchises American workers.. We also realize that employment of illegal workers damages our own economic condition as well as the fabric of our society. Finally, we assert that the inability of

American businesses to continue their use of E-Verify jeopardizes our Homeland Security.

Because these are vital issues to which our public officials should be giving attention, on our behalf, we strongly urge the re-instatement of E-Verify as its planned use is stated on the public site of the Department of  Homeland Security: “Starting May 12, 2009 Federal contractors will be required to use the E-Verify system, so that the federal government does business with companies that have a legal workforce.”

  • We vehemently object to the US Senate curtailment of the extension of E-Verify.
  • We vehemently oppose the “Stimulus Plan” Conference Committee removal of E-Verify from HR 1 as a requirement for all Federal contracts.

We, therefore,

  • insist that E-Verify be extended beyond March 6 and be expanded to include, as originally planned, all federal contracts and subcontracts awarded as a result of the “Stimulus Plan” (HR1)

We will record all voting records in Congress regarding E-Verify. We will inform the press and the public of this information. We will support the re-election of those who support the American workforce by extending and enforcing the E-Verify program. 


ATTENTION BLOGGERS AND FORUMS: Please post this link to the E-Verify Petition on your website Now.



  1. E-Verify has been a nightmare for me and my fellow colleagues. Students graduating must now find employers who ARE E-verify users. Not many employers in the science industry are. It is a flawed system and very inconsistent with USCIS regulations. Farewell to it and I wish it GOOD RIDDANCE! Now I can find a darn job!

  2. Here's the rub, they don't care how many people sign a piece of paper. The fact is that Barry is Hell bent to uproot every Socially and Fiscally Conservative success for the last 25 years.

    And I really don't think he cares if he is re-electable as long as he spikes the conservative wheels completely.

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  4. One argument that everyone has is that E-Verify is voluntary. This is not true. In Arizona E-Verify is required by all employers. Have any of you also noticed that the economy in Arizona has declined an enormous amount since E-Verify has become a requirement; even more of a decline than many other states in this country. Just think about it, by using E-Verify it makes it so that employers cannot hire illegal immigrants. When employers do hire illegal immigrants those illegals still receive a check and have income taxes taken out, so the argument that illegals don't pay taxes is not true, most illegals do pay taxes, but since with E-Verify employers can no longer hire illegals and report the income of those illegals; employers do still hire illegals but pay them under the table and when illegals are paid under the table they do not pay taxes which hurts the economy significantly. So for all of you who think that E-Verify will make illegal immigrants "go back to where they are from" your insane. Passing E-Verify will only make it so illegals are paid under the table and they will no longer pay taxes which will hurt the economy even more than it already has. Also when E-Verify is passed many illegals do have fear of losing their job or not being able to find a new one which keeps illegals from purchasing items which further hurts the economy. So to shorten things up, E-Verify will do nothing to make illegal immigrants leave the country and will only further hurt the economy.