Thursday, March 5, 2009

What's the Hubbub Over Rush Limbaugh?

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

One can't turn on the radio or TV these days without hearing all about this big fuss over Rush Limbaugh's remarks about Barack Obama. Limbaugh, as is his wont, has again stirred up the liberal hornet's nest by stating that he wanted Barack Obama to fail. From Harry Reid to Keith Olbermann, the reaction has been predictable.

Olbermann, last night on his "Countdown" show (which should be changed to "Meltdown"), even implied that Rush should be taken off the air. Of course, in Olbermann's perfect world, that is precisely what would happen-and may happen yet if the Democrats in Congress pass that Fairness Doctrine they are so fond of. Reid would probably write another letter to Limbaugh's producers, but he knows what would happen there. (It would be sold for charity on E-bay and make Reid look like a fool again.) At any rate, it seems the liberals in the media can't stop talking about it. They even "discuss" it on Barbra Walters' "Four Views Against One" show in the morning as Elizabeth Hasselbeck tries to get a sentence in while four liberals talk over her at the same time.

Here is my take on the whole imbroglio:

First of all, Limbaugh has repeatedly stated that what he wants is for Obama's economic policy to fail because it will bring in socialism and destroy the nation's economy. Limbaugh is trying to make the case that the public should reject it.

Second of all, Limbaugh is once again playing the liberal left media like a violin. He pushes the buttons, they explode, and he laughs all the way to the bank-same as Ann Coulter does when she pushes their buttons.

You see, people like Limbaugh, Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, Dr Phil (McGraw) and Dr Laura (Schlesinger) are not successful because everybody loves them. They realize that is impossible. They are successful because half the people love them while the other half hate them. In other words, everybody is paying attention to them. They know this, and they play up to that reality. Why do you think Rush makes outlandish statements he knows will upset those on the left? Why do you think he plays the tongue-in-cheek role of the conceited, cigar-smoking, sexist self-aggrandizer? His fans know it is a form of humor. His enemies think it is real, and it makes them explode in fury.

Nevertheless, liberals see this latest flap as yet another opening to discredit and destroy a man who articulates the conservative cause better than anybody else. They know he has a huge following and is extremely influential. Why else would they make a big to do over the momentary flap between Rush and RNC Chairman Michael Steele?

As you watch all these liberals in Congress and the media fume over Limbaugh, just consider just how stupid it makes them all look.

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  1. What's amusing is that Obama's administration is very open about their strategy; there was a politico article a few days ago (Limbaugh himself brought it up) about Emanuel and crew discussing their intent to make Limbaugh analogous to the Republican party and then to demonize him, thus demonizing the entire party.

    As with many of the left's ideas, I just don't see where they're coming from. I'd bet that the only people who dislike Limbaugh are the ones who don't listen to him; i.e., if you get more people listening to him, you'll get more people to like him.

    Whatever the outcome, though, you are right: Limbaugh will be laughing all the way to the bank.