Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What if they held a demonstration-and nobody reported it?

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Governor Schwarzenegger's "head on a stick"

(Photos from John and Ken Show blog)

Isn't it interesting how the news media loves to cover demonstrations by the usual suspects on the far-left? You remember of course, the "million-man" marches, the illegal alien rallies in major cities? Front page news, right? Of course, ordinary citizens rarely if ever have protests and demonstrations. They don't have the time on their hands. You know, they have jobs, families to care for, they don't despise their country, so what is there to demonstrate against?

Well now, with the out of control government spending going on in Washington-and Sacramento for those of us who live in California-there is reason to demonstrate. We are in the process of being taxed to death. In California, what few Republicans we have in Sacramento have sold us out to the tax and spend Democrats. Now the most-heavily-taxed people in the US are facing huge increases in our taxes. Why? To cover for the huge deficit that Sacramento has rung up while taking care of its main constituent groups-illegal aliens and state worker unions.

Saturday, LA talk jocks, John Kobylt and Ken Champiou of KFI radio 640 (John and Ken Show) organized a tax revolt rally in Fullerton. People were encouraged to bring tea bags, as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger videos and DVDs which would be smashed to show people's disdain for this sell-out governor who let his wife, Maria Shriver of the Kennedy clan, drag him over to the tax and spend bunch of Sacramento Democrats.

And what a demonstration it was. An estimated 15,000 people showed up to voice their anger at the political system that is robbing them blind. With Kobylt and his bullhorn egging them on, people smashed Schwarzenegger memorabilia and cut off cardboard images of his head.

So one would think that this would gain huge media coverage, right?


True, the Orange County register put it on their front page. Not so the left-wing LA Times. They totally ignored it. When flooded with complaints from the public through their blog, an editor responded (via blog) that they did not consider it "relevent". They don't normally cover these types of protests, which they viewed as a promotional event to benefit John and Ken.

Yet the same day, the Times had a full page article devoted to a month-old event in Oregon in which school teachers demonstrated for a tax INCREASE!

One KFI listener called in afterward to John and Ken to report on the lack of coverage by the LA ABC affiliate (KABC). After being sluffed off by a newsroom person who took the call, she called back later and reported that a 1,000 man illegal immigrant demonstration was being held near her home. The person who took the call tried desperately to get the exact location so they could send a team of reporters to the scene-before being informed it was a spoof.

This is out mainstream media in action folks. They pick and choose what they will report-and not report-based on their political agenda.

Tax revolts? Not interested.

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