Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Speech Before ACT for America

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

Bridgette Gabriel-President and founder, ACT for America

Last night, I had the pleasure of speaking before the Mission Viejo chapter of ACT for America, Bridgette Gabriel's organization. The speech took place in Santa Ana. There were about 50 people present. The main focus of ACT is to alert the public on the spread of militant Islam into Western society and the threat to our basic freedoms that this poses. This is not an organization that is anti-Muslim people, rather it is opposed to militant Islam as an ideology. My speech focused on the rise of anti-Semitism that I see in the West as a result of the Israel-Palestinian conflict and the role played by academia.

In my presentation, which lasted 30 minutes, I spoke of the recent anti-Israel demonstrations that have taken place around the country, both in the streets and on campuses. I listed the anti-Semitic statements that have been shouted, such as "Long live Hitler" and Go back to the ovens". I also spoke about the activities of the various Muslim Student Associations on campuses like my own at UC-Irvine. I described some of the more vitriolic speakers who have appeared at UCI and the anti-Semitic statements they have made. I described the so-called "forums" held at UCI, UCLA and UC Santa Cruz, in which no one spoke for Israel. I also talked about the inaction of the various university administrations in the face of intimidation and harassment of Jewish students. I also described the fragmentation within the Jewish community in response to this increasing danger.

I think it is important to mention here that even before I took the floor, I heard several references to UCI from those in attendance, and they were not complimentary.

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  1. So she's hot and wary of Islam. What a fantastic combination.