Friday, February 6, 2009

Which Side.........?

In looking at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it is necessary, in my view, to put a few points in perspective. On the one hand, I have never claimed that the Palestinian people didn't have some legitimate grievances. On the other hand, my basic premise is that Israel has a right to exist and defend herself. In my opinion, the side which resorts to terrorism and deliberately targets innocent civilians for murder loses any claim to righteousness (and no, in spite of the claims of radical propagandists like Norman Finklestein, I don't believe Israel forces deliberately target innocent Palestinian civilians). In that vein, a few questions are in order.

Which side.......

Which side has hijacked airplanes and murdered innocents?

Which side carried out the Avivim massacre in 1970, in which a school bus was attacked resulting in the deaths of 12 persons, 9 of whom were children?

Which side was involved in the 1972 arrack on Lod Airport in Israel, in which 24 were killed

Which side murdered innocent athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich because they represented a particular nation?

Which side carried out the 1974 Ma'alot massacre in 1974, in which 22 high school students were killed?

Which side hijacked the Achille Lauro cruise ship in the 1980s and murdered an elderly, crippled American Jew (Leon Klinghofer)in cold blood throwing him overboard in his wheelchair?

Which side carried out simultaneous massacres on December 27, 1985 at the Rome and Vienna airports massacring 18 innocent civilians who had nothing to do with the conflict?

Which side murdered an American serviceman on a hijacked plane and threw his body onto the tarmac at Beirut Airport?

Which side danced in the streets and passed out candies on 9-11?

Which side employs the use of suicide bombers to blow themselves up on buses, in pizza parlors and other public places killing innocents by the dozens in each event?

Which side teaches its children that to become a suicide bomber is the highest goal?

Which side launches rockets into villages in a deliberate attempt to kill civilians?

Which side deliberately targets civilians?

Which side deliberately situates its fighters in schools, hospitals and other populated civilian areas in order to place its own civilians in the middle of the fighting?

Which side?

Which side do you support?


  1. If the MSM weren't so biased and reported with accuracy, on that which they know to be true, you wouldn't have had to post this article!

  2. Looks like I will continue to be gainfully employed for the forseeable future.

    Uh, cross out "gainfully".

  3. Excellent post. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.