Wednesday, February 25, 2009

From Lionheart: Leaked Document & The Online Jihad

Leaked Document & The Online Jihad

I have had the privilege tonight of seeing a leaked Home Office document that outlines a question to the Secretary of State for the Home Department asking how many extreme Islamic websites based in Britain have been shut down over the last 5 years because they contain material that incites or glorifies terrorism.
The answer to the question is NONE

Copy of letter: Written No. 410
Anybody who knows anything about the violent Jihad that is being waged against all non-believers in Britain will know that the internet is the No.1 tool for recruiting, and radicalising Moslems to violent extremism (‘terrorism’ in other words). It has been stated many times now by different military sources, that the internet is as important in the hands of Al Qaeda as the AK47 assault rifle.
So, that being the case, the British Government should draw a line and target extreme Islamic websites to stop the spread of ‘violent extremism’ in Britain. Instead, they have ploughed millions of pounds of tax payer’s money into combating violent extremism in local Moslem communities, in the hope that it will turn young Moslems away from the violent parts of their religion. The reality is that the ‘violent extremism’ they are seeking to combat, starts off in the comfort of Moslem’s own homes whilst sitting comfortably at a computer, like you are now, visiting websites like or for example.
With the rabid, radical cleric Anjem Choudry, who is head of the Islam4uk site all over our TV screens and newspapers, instead of locked up in HMP Belmarsh, for his treason; is it any wonder young Moslems are flocking to see what this man has to say about Islam in Britain and what their individual role as a Moslem is?
How do they get to listen to him personally, or any other Moslem leaders from around the world who are spreading violent messages that are aimed against us, the non-believers?
Online through the internet.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that the internet is the no.1 place where young Moslems are recruited and radicalised into violent extremism. Yet, up to this point in time, absolutely nothing has been done to prevent it. Instead British tax payers have been rewarding the violent extremists by ploughing millions of pounds into their community projects to prevent young Moslems turning to extremism, while all along, the root cause of violent extremism has been left unattended, to flourish.
Islamic extremism in Britain starts off on the internet with young Moslem men and women watching violent extremism in Afghanistan and Iraq, along with the suffering that goes with it of Moslems living in these places. Then listening to religious scholars glorifying in these acts of ‘violent extremism’ and calling for Moslems from around the World to join them in the Jihad and defend the suffering of their brothers and sisters. It then ends up with Moslems, living in Britain, travelling to Al Qaeda terror training camps in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and now Somalia, and then returning back to this their host Nation and blowing themselves up on trains and buses.
Sound Familiar?
More of the same that we have to look forward to.
Or they travel to fight alongside Al Qaeda and the Taliban to fight British troops.
In the past few weeks I have written several posts on specific Moslem websites, which have been promoting and instigating terrorist activity to their audiences, even one with Al Qaeda supporters calling for the murder of British MPs.
Section 3 of the 2006 Terrorism Act states:
(3) A notice under this subsection is a notice which—
(a) declares that, in the opinion of the constable giving it, the statement or the article or record is unlawfully terrorism-related;
(b) requires the relevant person to secure that the statement or the article or record, so far as it is so related, is not available to the public or is modified so as no longer to be so related;
(c) warns the relevant person that a failure to comply with the notice within 2 working days will result in the statement, or the article or record, being regarded as having his endorsement; and
(d) explains how, under subsection (4), he may become liable by virtue of the notice if the statement, or the article or record, becomes available to the public after he has complied with the notice.

Have these websites been shut down, or had a Section 3 of the 2006 Terrorism Act served on them?

The website has tried defending their corner and come out fighting but they are nothing but a bunch of Al Qaeda supporters and activists, with a Left Wing newspaper supporting them in their losing battle. Watch this space for the expose showing how this forum, which is one of the biggest in Britain for Moslems, is run by militant Moslems, and supported by a major mainstream newspaper.
Not one Islamic website that carries extreme material has ever been served with a Section 3 notice since the law was introduced. So, is it any wonder ‘violent extremism’ is now flourishing in Britain when the root source of this extremism and radicalisation is not being tackled to prevent unsuspecting (if there is such a thing) Moslem eyes and minds from viewing the material on its pages?
The Government has just splashed out 1 million pounds of tax payer’s money to put a couple of ex-Islamic terrorists up in a plush London office. Each on a salary of £80,000 a year, to set up a think tank to combat ‘violent extremism’, and all you get is lip service from them about stuff that is just basic common sense and common knowledge.
Have they or anyone else, pointed out that ‘violent extremism’ starts off on the internet, and then put a campaign in place to tackle the root causes of it? Like asking the Police to do their job and enforce the law the Government put in place.
Well, they look good on our TV screens, saying the right things, for a cool 1 million if nothing else.
David Miliband recently stated that the way to fight Islamic terrorism is through the ‘rule of law’, but, as this very worrying case shows, the Government have absolutely no idea about how to fight ‘violent extremism’. So, they employ ex-terrorists to fight it for them, while turning a blind eye to the ‘rule of law’ that they themselves put in place to fight terrorism with.
Work that one out!
On a side note, I have been arrested for this blog on ‘suspicion of stirring up racial hatred’ because I hurt Moslem feelings with my words, yet they are allowed to instigate and glorify terrorism and nothing is done.
Two rule Britain, one for them and another for the rest of us!
Further reading: ‘Violent Extremism’ on the web


  1. There is a true double standard here. Lionheart gets arrested for hurting the feelings of the followers of the Great Pedophile, but those very same perverts can riot through the streets of Great Britain screaming Death to the Jews.

    And people wonder if the UK is civilized. Not any more.

  2. I can not accept the premise of this article.

    The basis of Jihad is scriptural & traditional, not technological. Jihad terrorism existed long before computers and the web were invented.

    Allah said: "I will cast terror".

    Moe said: "I am made victorious with terror.".

    The doctrines are significant, the means by which they are propagated and zealotry is exhorted are not. Outlawing computers, the web, pamphlets, CDs, video tape & bull horns will not stop the advance of Jihad.

    Only eliminating Moe's War Cult will stop the advance of Jihad.

    With all due disrespect, Your Majesty, deport the Gd'd 'slimes from Great Britain, that is the first and most important step to be taken to prevent "home grown" Jihad.

    Every 'slime is obligated to obey Allah and his Messenger. What did Allah say? What did Moe say? What did Moe do?

    Wake up! Wise up!! Rise up and raise Hell!!!

  3. You forgot one, Findalis: chasing panicked Bobbies a friggin mile down the street.

    GB is reduced to Barbarism 'cuz she admitted & retained Barbarians and let them take over.

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