Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Steelers Win!! Celebrating the Super Bowl Steelers

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

As a rabid Pittsburgh Steeler fan, it is gratifying to know that the victory of my beloved Steelers in the Super Bowl is being celebrated not just in Pittsburgh, not just in the US, but worldwide! No other team has such a huge following as the Steelers. Just check out these images of ther celebrations that broke out all over the world when the Steelers emerged victorious.

"Go Steelers!"

Of course, in some places, the fans got a little bit out of hand, but that is to be expected. Those things will occasionally happen, you know.

In the above photo, Steeler fans are burning the Cardinals team flag. Tsk, tsk

But now that the Super Bowl has passed, the world can get back to normal.


  1. Isn't it nice that the whole world watches American Football and roots for the Steelers.

  2. I can think of some areas in the world where the Steelers could do some damage with the Terrible Towel. Can't you see those headbands being chased along a dusty road somewhere - or maybe a London Street.

    Back to important issues: How about that Harrison and Santionio? One problem though, I was sooooo disappointed with the Troy Polamalu coke ad. It wasn't his fault, of course, but what was Coke thinking? That poor little boy!

    Clever post Gary. Liked it much.

  3. Thanks Maggie,

    As a life-long Steelers fan, it was nice to feel in solidarity with my fellow Steeler fans all over the world (LOL).