Thursday, February 5, 2009

From Lionheart: Al Qaeda targets British MPs for assassination

ThaIndia: Al Qaedas plot to kill British MPs

Daily Star article:

NO Minister of Parliament is safe now they are in the sights of Islamic militants living within Britain.

Road signs are placed roadside to warn about the dangers ahead based upon the facts; it is then the driver's responsibility to take whatever course of action they choose, based upon the facts they have been given. That's why they are called 'warning signs', and if there is a cliff at the end of the road, based upon what the sign says, then the driver will stop… Unless they are suicidal of course!

This post, along with many other posts throughout this blog, are warning signs, based upon the facts. It's then up to the reader to determine whether to believe it or not, just like with the cliff at the end of the road sign.

British MPs are being discussed on an English speaking, Al Qaeda web forum, as potential assassination targets.

Please click image to see comments from forum:

1. What would bring on an attack in Europe
2. 5 Questions
3. Some answers to questions
4. May Allah hasten more attacks against Britain
5. Target Members of Parliament
6. A miracle to hit Parliament
7. 'Members' not Parliament in inverted commas

Full thread: Debating another terror attack in Europe (will add once uploaded online)

After reading those comments from the forum, it clearly shows that British MP's are now actively encouraged to be targets for assassination by Islamic militants within Britain. Considering it is an Al Qaeda linked website that has newly released, Osama Bin Laden videos hosted on it, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out the type of people who are reading those exact comments, does it?

You have 'The base' who is an administrator, 'Resistance',a senior member who is encouraging the murder of British MPs and 'Paganslayer', who states he 'is living upon enemy soil' in his profile, helping and encouraging the proceedings along.

Targeted assassination of Political figures to influence the actions of a Government is not a new strategy, and is one that has been used very successfully by paramilitary forces all over the World. Here in Britain, we only have to look to our not too distant past and the Northern Ireland troubles to see the actions of a paramilitary force upon our streets in the embodiment of the I.R.A, who were conducting a guerilla War against the British Government. They targeted Political and military figures for assassination as they sought to influence their aims with our Government through military means, and in modern times we can look towards Lebanon today as example of a Country where the targeted assassination of Political figures is being used for the purpose of taking control of Power within Government. Lebanon has gone from a Pro-Western, Christian majority Country to an Anti-Western Moslem majority extreme Islamic State, where Christians are now a persecuted minority.

Video: The future for Britain based on Lebanon

Are Al Qaeda and their supporters waging a war upon British shores?

Are Al Qaeda or their supporters ever going to attack Britain again?

Would Al Qaeda or their supporters target political figures?

Based on the evidence from their British Al Qaeda forum, viewed above, the answer to each of those questions is clearly 'yes'.

Imagine the shockwaves throughout the Nation and amongst the political class if a Member of Parliament was assassinated by Islamic militants. Imagine how unsettling that would be for each of them, knowing Al Qaeda called for their murder and personally not knowing who could be next on the list. Who, when, where and how would be thoughts running through each of their minds. Think about all those Moslem constituents under specific MPs, where there are Al Qaeda enclaves, and how many Islamic militants there are amongst them who are more than willing to murder people they perceive to be anti-Islam. It is these exact people who sit in Parliament who Al Qaeda are calling to be targeted, that pass laws and control the functioning of State and have the power to surrender more of our 'Way of Life' into the hands of the Islamic Religion because they fear the consequences to themselves if they do not.

The mind of Islam: Unless you do as we say, change your policies (foreign and domestic) and give the Islamic community more autonomy within the land then more attacks will occur.

This is the nature of the Islamic terror threat that we now face.

Detailed information on members of the Royal family has already been found in the possession of Al Qaeda operatives within Britain, so this threat that has emerged against public figures is very real. Take it as a warning sign.

What does Islam teach Moslems about how they should view infidels and what they should do to them? If you do not know, then you should find out, because this perception is at the core of every single religious Moslem (and don't ask a Moslem to explain because they will only lie to you – Jihad Watch).

If any politicians are reading this; How safe are you and your personal movements from a targeted assassination by Al Qaeda? Or from some rabid, Moslem lunatic who might have read those comments about targeting British MPs and wants to please Allah by murdering you 'the dirty infidel'?

You grumble about Israel and its conduct in the world against their blood thirsty neighbours, when it is Israel and its internal security apparatus you should learn from today. Ready for what tomorrow is about to bring as they know the reality of the threat posed by militant Islam better than anyone because they are living on the frontline in Islam's war to destroy the Judeo/Christian World.

We have more Moslems living in Britain than in Gaza and the West bank, so how long until the flames of Jihad start burning upon our land once again?

Think for yourself, what you believe, would be the response from many MPs who care more about their personal safety and keeping their snorts in the tax funded trough and all its financial rewards, than defending the Nation and our local communities from the advancement of the Jihad (Holy War) within Great Britain.

Instead they would prefer to keep everything quiet about today's reality from those who live in ignorance, by using newly created laws to silence and imprison people like me who are speaking about this threat. To enforce fear upon others wanting to speak out because they know the new reality that some of us now live in, now that we are surrounded by Moslem terrorists.

Maybe this threat from Al Qaeda, which places stark reality at the front-doors of those in Government, will be a little bit of a 'wake up call' for them and their families. Maybe then, they will realise who are their friends and who are their enemies.

How easy would it be for a Moslem to walk into a politicians surgery with sudden Jihad syndrome and stab to death the politician, in the name of Islam in Britain and please Allah? Or for a planned, targeted Al Qaeda assassination against the MP who passed or supported laws and legislation that was detrimental to Moslems living in Britain?

Would this happen?

Could this happen?

Any MP is a potential target. So, is it any wonder when most MPs have families to worry about, that they would rather support the aims of Islam in Britain at the expense of the British people and their Country, rather than get on the wrong side of those who would have no problem murdering them in the name of their religion.

With web forums operating, like the one this new information has been found on, the threat is very real and credible. It encourages all militant Moslems out there, reading it in the comfort of their own homes, to turn their military Jihad attention towards targeting MPs.

Influencing British politics by terrorising Politicians.

Terrorism Act 2006
Encouragement to Terrorism
This makes it a criminal offence to directly or indirectly incite or encourage others to commit acts of terrorism. This will include the glorification of terrorism, where this may be understood as encouraging the emulation of terrorism.

The British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, recently stated that: 'Democracies must respond to terrorism by championing the rule of law, not subordinating.' , when he criticised the stance taken by George Bush policy towards Islamic militants which has been called "The War on Terror".

British law is being broken every single day by Moslems living in Britain who are conducting their Jihad (Holy War) against our society as they seek to subdue us as a people and convert our Nation into an Islamic State and nothing happens to them. David Miliband's newly positioned stance, since Barack "Hussein" Obama took office in America is flawed and un-workable in 21st Century Britain. There are now, way too many Islamic militants living amongst us, with many in the police, terrorised on the ground by Moslems, and absolutely nowhere to put them all for their sedition. So these traitors to the 'Crown' are left to fester and grow within society. That's why the future is very predictable.

War is War and should be treated as such. Especially now the 'Trojan horse' is inside the city walls, with the soldiers for Allah now disembarked and spread throughout the city conducting warfare. We all know what happened to Troy, after the stealth invasion, don't we?

This blog post regarding the 'encouragement' of the assassination of British MPs, is a great test of that 'rule of law' with which Mr Miliband wants to fight the War against Al Qaeda. If he, and his fellow cabinet members will not defend the life and death interests of their own, fellow parliamentarians who sit in Government with the full force of the law that presently resides in their hands, then what hope have the rest of us in society? Placing our trust in the 'British justice system', when faced with suicidal, psychotic, religious maniacs who live alongside of us who want to bomb, terrorise and murder us, in the process of forcing us and our communities and Country into submission because their god and religion tells them to?

You can bury your heads in the sand and pretend that this is all a dream because it shatters the image of the 'Left Wing' utopian multi-cultural society that has been forced upon the British people's psyche. Where Islam takes its perceived place as rightful heir over the land, or be in such fear of the modern State sanctioned propaganda of 'Political Correctness' that it would be better to die at the hands of Moslems or be a Dhimmi (second class status) giving in to Moslem threats and intimidation rather than state there is a serious problem that needs addressing and risk everything, including your life.

Reality will not change though and reality says that there is a very serious problem with Islam and Moslems within Great Britain and it is only going to get a whole lot worse either for you, your children or your grandchildren. Moslems and their Left Wing supporters will call me a racist Islamaphobe for stating such things so as to silence very real debate about the threat to the life of the Nation in 21st Century Britain.

Respect to John Hutton the Defence Secretary, for calling Al Qaeda and the Taliban exactly what they are, which is the 'new Nazis'. Everyone knows we have Al Qaeda living amongst us now in Britain, so based on the Defence Secretary's own words we have the new Nazis living amongst us.

The new Nazi's are here and they are not going to just get up and walk away are they? They have dug their roots into our society and are now actively working to change it from within so that its falls in line with their Islamic religion.

This is the battle for the 'Heart and Soul' of Great Britain, where all of our futures, and the futures of our descendents lay. There are two Kingdoms upon these Isles now; the Queens Kingdom and the newly established infant Islamic Kingdom… Only one will survive into the future. Them or us, no middle ground. So where do you stand and who do you stand with?

You will not see a better film about Islam in Britain than 'Undercover Mosque'

This recent threat, that has come to light from the forum, is nothing new to those who are following the military wing of the Islamic religions Global Holy War against our entire Judeo/Christian Civilisation. It's just that thanks to 21st Century spies who are tracking our enemies in the online war, the aims, ideology, intent and threats posed by our Islamic enemies are brought out into the open for us all to see, then spread around the media so as to educate and place warning signs about the dangers in peoples minds so that we are all aware of the reality that we are now facing. Nobody can say they never knew when Al Qaeda strikes again.

"Know your enemy"

Those commenting in such a way on Al Qaeda forums should be hunted down, prosecuted and imprisoned for their ideology which is a dangerous threat to anyone outside of their belief system. This, after all, is what the law printed above was created for in the first place, and it is the law that the present British government want to fight this War against Islamic terrorists with.

If they don't, then they have given up the fight against the militant side of the Islamic religion and surrendered the Nation into the hands of terrorists, cowered into fear, and it will only be a matter of time until there is Civil War, when the heirs of these Isles revolt against their neighbours from the so called 'religion of peace'. (Just a perception so don't arrest me for it)

The State is now powerless in the face of terror and all Moslems in the land know this. There are either laws in place now so that they can assert themselves over others, or they use subtle threats and intimidation to get their own way, forcing the State to bow down, in subservience to the Islamic way of life.

I personally know what the threat posed to Great Britain is, based on the facts gained from personal experience and my own knowledge. Maybe those Left Wing Liberals in Government who are aiding and abetting the Islamic enemy in the land will take their heads out of the sand now that their butts are in the Al Qaeda firing line?


  1. I don't believe that these threats will wake up Great Britain. Nor would an attack upon Parliament do it. After all, 7/7 and the Doctor's plot didn't wake the nation up.

    In the US, these writings could be used in a court of law as part of a trial. The charge would be Conspiracy to Commit Murder. The planning of a murder is a felony in all states here.

    You have let the viper into your nation, fed and watered him, and now it comes to bite you and you cry why? Your people should have read Sir Winston's writings on Islam. Then you would have known why.

  2. Findalis is right. Perhaps the U.S.A. can learn from England's blunder.

    England made a fatal error when her empire dissolved: she allowed Muslims to infiltrate her territory and set up a fifth column.

    Islam's intolerance, supremacism & triumphalism along with its mandate to conquer the world make it intolerable. We must not tolerate it. Islam must be expelled from our shores.

    Most British & American citizens are unaware of the fact that Islamic law requires a minimum of one military attack against nearby Kuffar in every year.

    If they neglect to attack us, they are in sin, at risk of spending eternity in the fire. If you are skeptical of this fatal fact, then search for my 25 part "Its Shari'ah, Stupid" series or download and read the Fiqh on which the series is based.