Sunday, August 24, 2008

More from Iftikhar

"the incubator of personalities that later lead Muslim society to extremism and violence."

A note from Radarsite: The following comments are taken from the responses to Radarsite's article cross posted to Stop the ACLU. They represent a continuation of the argument entailed in that article. Our friend Iftikhar will not be posting any more comments here on Radarsite, as I have banned him. However, he is of course free to post to any other website he chooses. Whether I will respond to his comments to my articles posted on other sites in the future I cannot say. This particular exchange I felt deserved to be shared with my readers. I'm looking forward to your comments. - rg

Iftikhar on August 23rd, 2008 5:17 pm
I do not blame the parents, Imams and Masajid for the plight of the Muslimyouths. All Muslim youths suffer from identity crises because they findthemselves cut off from their cultural roots, literature and poetry. All ofthem lack self-confidence and self-esteem. British education has made themstupid. They have become economic slaves of the British society. They do notknow where they belong. They are unable to enjoy the beauty of theirliterature and poetry. A man is a product of his culture, language andfaith. They go hand in hand.

The solution of all the problems is state funded Muslim schools withbilingual Muslim teachers as role models right from nursery classes. TheCharter of Islam teaches true tolerance and equality and indeed is moreacceptable to all people of the world than the United Nation Human RightsCharter. Islam does not just mean a beard, a cap and a bunch ofself-interpreted fatwas.

Accoding to a research by Goldsmiths, university of London, bilinguallearning can provide substantial benefits for second and third generationchildren whose families speak a language other than English. Even whenchildren have grown up in the UK with English as their stronger language,using both languages aids cognitive development and strengthens theiridentity as learners. It is crucial that schools support c hildren’s mothertongue through bilingual learning activities connected with the mainstreamcurriculum. Now Primary National Strategy recognises the value ofbilingualism and promotes early language learning. Policy makers need toencourage good practice in schools, otherwise, the potential benefits ofbilingual leaning will be lost to future generations.

The research also discovered that many second and third generation childrenare in danger of losing these skills if they do not have opportunities todevelop their mother tongue through academic work at school. Bilingualchildren who learn in their family’s language as well as English do betterat school. It is very important that parents continue to talk to theirchildren in their first language.

It is absurd to say that Muslim schools threaten the social cohesion of thenation. Diversity is a blessing and we should feel proud of diversity. Thereal threat to social cohesiondoes nt come from Muslim parents but fromgovernment that seeks to force these parents to conform with the state’sideas about how and what their children should be taught. There is noevidence that Muslim schools are undermining social cohesion.

Roger W. Gardner
on August 24th, 2008 4:57 pm

Salaam — You just don’t get it do you? We’re not buying what you’re selling. Go back to your original homeland and spread the good word about diversity and tolerance. We in the West don’t need your condescending preachments. Perhaps the weak-kneed delusional PC Government in Britain buys into your lies and propaganda, but we do not.

The problems in Britain and throughout Europe regarding their Muslim immigrants have nothing to do with bilingual education. All the liberal concessions in the world will not change the basic fact that the problem is not education, or prejudice, or even assimilation. The problem is Islam. And the problem with Islam is the hate-filled war-mongering Koran. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is. Islam is, was, and always will be the enemy of enlightment and freedom, and will therefore always be the traditional enemy of the Judeo/Christian West. And all of your crafty arguments do nothing to change this historical truth.

When the Islamic countries start opening their first synagogues and Catholic cathedrals, and allowing women equal rights to men, and acknowledge the right of existence of a free and viable Israel, we can begin to talk about diveristy and tolerance. Until that time, save your claptrap for a more gullible audience.


  1. The culture of a people is not always taught in the schools. It is taught in the home by the parents. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children their faith, their culture, their beliefs. It is not the duty of any state to do this.

    Jewish people knew this when they came to the US. They learned in the schools the skills to earn a living, but in the homes and shuls they learned their faith, customs and culture. If they found the state run schools were not what they wanted for their own children, they built their own schools with their own money!

    Catholics did the same thing. As did Protestants, Mormons, etc...

    You cannot expect the state to cater to your wishes. If you want a Madarass, then you have to raise the funds for it and build it yourself. I suggest asking those idiots the Saudis for the funds.

  2. Those poor, poor Muslims. To hear this person talk, you'd think that schools in the west had a diverse curriculum with teachers catering to the cultures of every ethnicity represented, save for Islam.

    There is no discussion to be had here. The argument begins and ends with Findalis's sentence: "It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children their faith, their culture, their beliefs. It is not the duty of any state to do this."