Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blips on the Screen: 10 Aug 08

For the Blip Screen:

Source (location?): McGregor, Iowa 52157, USA

I greatly appreciate and admire Radarsite. I check in frequently. The writing quality -- speaking as a Writing instructor who works in, of all places, a prison! -- is especially high and clear. Superior.

Todd Ehlers


A note from Radarsite: Thank you Todd. As per your request I have happily posted your kind remarks to Blips on the Screen. Please come back often. -rg


  1. Like I have told you. Before I publish a post myself I ask myself is it as good as what Roger writes. If it doesn't pass my Roger muster I either attempt to rewrite the post or delete it.

    You have set a very high standard for the blogging community. It is a privilege to try and match it.