Saturday, August 16, 2008

Announcing a New Blog

Liberty Street
A collection of random personal memories and thoughts, some old, some new.

A note from Radarsite: As most of you already know by now, there have been times when my political writing has crossed over into my personal memories. Often, I have found it difficult to separate them out. There have been many occasions when I have hesitated for quite a while before posting something to Radarsite for this very reason. I worried that some of these more personal thoughts or memories might be inappropriate for a political blog. In most cases I finally went ahead and posted them anyway; and so far, thanks to the kindness of my readers, it seems to have worked out all right.

But now, after more than a year, I think I've finally finally figured out a way to deal with this problem in a less worrisome way. For this purpose I've developed a new blog - Liberty Street. Liberty Street will be a place for all of those pieces that may or may not be appropriate for Radarsite, but that I hope have some inherent value. Some of these pieces you may have read before, and perhaps even commented on, and others will be new to you. Please feel free to leave your comments whenever you feel like it. I will not be announcing new posts to Liberty Street, they'll just appear from time to time. You can access Liberty Street from my sidebar. - rg


  1. If Liberty Street is anything as good as Radarsite, it will be a winner!

  2. Your posts to Liberty Street will be just as important -- if not more so -- than posts to Radar Site. What you said, I believe, holds true for most who share our views: we want empirical evidence and cold, hard, irrefutable fact driving our decisions, not emotional experience.

    However, those emotional experiences are what appeal to the audiences that don't necessarily share your political viewpoints. It shows that you're a normal person who's gradual accretion of life experiences drive your world view -- someone who, like most of us, just want what's best for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for the world.

    M'kay, sappy bleeding heart moment over. I look forward to your every contribution to Liberty Street with as much anticipation as I await those to Radar Site.

  3. Personal and political have too many points of convergence to allow complete separation.

    How do you hope to keep the political out of Liberty Street?
    Even the name advertises the impossibility.

  4. Thanks everybody.
    And to Ben. Yes, sometimes it is difficult to separate them out, but if you read some of the posts to Liberty Street you'll see that many of them have nothing whatsoever to do with politics or current events.

  5. Congrats on Liberty Street. Looking forward to visiting.

    "Break a leg!"

  6. Hi GSG and thank you.

    Incidentally, your last comment about Ghosts of Times Square was so great it literally left me speechless.

    Liberty Street is up and running now. Check it out whenever you have time.

  7. Roger
    Great New title and well timed .. I am looking forward to reading your new creation..