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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Saleman Abdirahman Dirie from Ottawa (in this country illegally) was found dead with a pound of pure cyanide. This is a huge story. So frightening and the media is ignoring it. Print is dead. Read Spectre (20 years Army and Reserves) enlightens us, "Something like this cyanide find is very different. To me, it looks like they stumbled upon something that could have been in its operational stage. Convention two weeks away and all."

I just saw your thread on the sodium cyanide crystal find. As first blush, it would seem just another nut that had some poison. Then I vaguely remembered something about the crystal form of cyanide. I did a little digging and the fact that they found sodium cyanide in a crystal form sent a chill up my spine. When combined with sulfuric or hydrochloric acid, the crystals produce hydrogen cyanide. Better known as the gas used in the gas chamber. Hitler's Germany called it Zyclon B. I know you are well aware of the horrific use of that substance as part of "The Final Solution".

My own opinion after connecting the dots here is that this is a significant event. In the cold war military, Officers had a hefty indoctrination into chemical and biological warfare. Hydrogen cyanide gas is some nasty stuff and causes a very painful death. Those that don't die from it, well, they may wish they did die. Couple that with the psychological aspects - immediate parallels would be drawn to the Holocaust, which would play right into the jihadists goal of terrorizing a population. Imagine this stuff dispersed into a air handling system at one of the DNC events in Denver.

Here's a brief summary of the terrorists fascination with the gas. Not that Free Republic is the source of sources, but it is a great summary. The only other referenced I found on the net going into any detail, by the way, were cites on how to be an assassin.

On page 40 of document ISGQ-2003-00000847 there is an October 2002 document where there is a request submitted by Zoo Al Fikar Military factory to the "Iraqi Directorate of Planning and Follow up" for 500 Kilograms of SODIUM CYANIDE (NaCN), 15 tones of HYDROCHLORIC ACID ( HCL), and 30 tones of SULFURIC ACID (H2SO4). Sodium Cyanide is an important precursor to produce a Chemical Weapon called HYDROGEN CYANIDE (HCN) also known as ZYCLON B and the use of Sodium Cyanide with Hydrochloric acid or Sulfuric Acid will produce this Chemical Weapon. Although Sodium Cyanide can be used for other military and civilian applications its combination with Hydrochloric Acid or Sulfuric Acid will produce Chemical Weapons and knowing Saddam Regime obsession of acquiring Chemical Weapons and other WMD, this document has a lot of importance. (FREE REPUBLIC)
The more I think about this, the more disturbing it is.

The way terror cells work, there are roughly 20 people involved as the "go team" cell. There are then those that provide the logistical support to the go team.
Generally, the acid needed for the combination with cyanide would be kept separately until just before the execution phase. To be caught with both the crystals AND the acid would be a dead giveaway as to the ultimate use of the substance.
Let's suppose that the plan was to work in teams of two - one transporting the crystals with the other bringing the acid. In your typical cell, that would be 10 teams disbursing 10 pounds of hydrogen cyanide into the air. While a pound of this stuff may have limited impact (people in close proximity to an air duct), 10 pounds of the stuff would create one hell of a toxic atmosphere over a fairly wide area - like a ballroom.

Anyone that has studies how these terror cells work could certainly put two and two together here. And in conducting an investigation, non law enforcement authority can blithely dismiss this incident as some random act by a lone nut. You HAVE to assume that there are probably another 9 pounds or so of this stuff floating around Denver. And you cannot dismiss the possibility of a high profile target like the DNC convention. It fits the Al Qaeda MO to a "T".
UPDATE: OT but related: Are Terrorists Planning to Strike Denver? Bob McCarty

Posted by Pamela Gelle
A note from Radarsite: This is a truly frightening prospect. So many people, so many dignitaries all gathered at the same high profile location, international coverage. The effects would be devastating. But what kind of grand political strategy would this be? How could it possibly advance the cause of the jihadis to attack their most sympathetic enablers? Wouldn't it have a counter-productive consequence of making certain that a strong hawkish candidate -- like McCain would win the presidency, thereby making their life much more difficult?
This would be the reasoning of any rational enemy. Attack the Republicans, ok, but don't attack the Dems or you'll just make things worse. But there's an inherent flaw in this analysis. The jihadis are anything but rational. They could care less about rational. They love death and they embrace chaos. Would they, then, actually plan to pull off an attack such as this which would, in terms of political strategy be self-defeating?
Is this latest discovery proof that something is indeed planned for the Dems big party?
Who knows? But it certainly isn't beyond the realm of our enemies' imagination, is it? - rg

Read the original NYT article here


  1. These groups are compartmentalized with each member doing a different task. Only 1 person would know each member with the other members of the team only knowing their team leader. Thus the carrier of the cyanide would not know who the carrier of the acid was, nor know who the person who would put it together was or the person who would attach the mixture to the ventilation system at the Democratic Convention was. Only 1 person would know who all these people were.

    This death was fishy to begin with. Since when did any hotel ever honor the "Do Not Disturb" sign?

    I have a sneaky suspicion that the dead man was no suicide. I think he was going to spill the beans and his team leader took the majority of the cyanide and killed him.

    I don't believe this is over yet. There could be a cell out there with cyanide and acid and the ability to tap into any building's ventilator system. If not at either Convention, how about the US Congress,or a school, or a hospital, a mall. The possibilities are endless as is the terror.

  2. Believe it they would.
    1. Anarchy would follow
    2. No loss to them
    3. Left would level blame
    4. The US guilt index
    5. We can't defend the"working class".
    6. Provocation

  3. Thank you both Findalis and Shawmut for your smart and fascinating takes on this. We shall see.

    PS: I use both IE and Firefox, and I post on IE. For some reason the pics don't always show up right on Firefox -- as here (just fixed them). I apologize. I have to remember to check Radarsite on Firefox after I post.

  4. My first question is why the DNC convention?

    Perhaps I have just gone 'round the bend or completely Islamo-rabid. Maybe I've been reading too many Islamic web pages but consider this;

    Barak Hussein Obama's father was Muslim making him Muslim by birth. It's the same as a blood oath, once in never out according to Islamic law. To renounce Islam/Muslim faith is apostasy. Apostasy from Islam gains a death warrant. A fatwah is issued.

    Obama has been consistently stating he is not a Muslim and is a Christian. Perhaps he ticked off the wrong guys in doing so and this was part of a plan to carry out the fatwah while taking as many kufar with him as possible.

    Maybe the RNC convention is in trouble as well and nobody has discovered the AQI operatives.

    Then again, perhaps shawmut has nailed it with the anarchy business and the blame game.

    What better way to cause mass panic and anarchy. Al-Qaeda activates other cells and causes even more chaos while authorities are distracted or overwhelmed.

    It could create a snowball effect.

    Even 10 cells placed at strategic locations throughout America, especially during convention time, could cause unbelievable chaos. It would spark mass anarchy in our streets and throw this entire country into a blinding panic.

    AQI reads the blogs. There has been a great deal of hate thrown around from both left and right even talk of revolution in recent months.

    AQI could be playing us like a fiddle.
    They are blood thirsty murderers and they aren't stupid.

    Ok, so I'll go back to listening to my new Chopin CD and leave you good folks alone.

  5. What do you mean 'leave us good folks alone'?
    You're part of the "A" team Dean. You can't leave us alone. We're counting on you. lol

  6. You're right, MSM are very timid on this. So far, they can find no connection to terrorism. Sigh! Why not assume it first, as that assumption is our first line of defense?

    Let the people know all we can know.

    If this is a jihad act: they don't care who is more accommodating to them here. We are all infidels. Maybe something is/was planned for both conventions.

    Dean, I would never-ever think you were Islamo-rabid:-) just "informed."

    Maggie's Notebook

  7. LOL Roger.
    I sometimes wonder if my thinking isn't a little jaded at times. Perhaps reading too many novels like The Ezekiel Option, The Copper Scroll, and Dead Heat by Rosenberg sends me into far out or far away scenario's.

    Nah I won't leave brother. I just had to get back to listening to the digitally remasterd edition of Chopin's Etudes. ;) Ooh was it good!!!

    You have a remarkably well informed, intelligent readership that brings me a certain peace.

    The absolute best part about this is that it actually makes me think instead of just react.

    I believe shawmut has laid the key elements out quite clearly.

    We do still have options. Clarity, reason, and common sense will rule the day.

    Thank you for posting this excellent article and a big thank you to your readers.

    And by the way I highly recommend Chopin's, The Complete Etudes. That is of course if you are prone to classical music.

    Mitsuko Uchida playing Mozart is another.

    Ever faithful - ever vigilant my friend.

  8. As Dean suggests, "Maybe the RNC convention is in trouble as well and nobody has discovered the AQI operatives."
    There is no safety zone there either.
    But for the sake of provocation, making a martyr of a candidate (and those who would support him) that is favored by third-worlders, whether Muslim or not (but they would have him be), is pretty calculating.
    Even these current findings can be turned around - if they aren't already.
    Watch for the subversion and propaganda.

  9. Thanks for the hat tip Roger. The problem is that some Americans have become complacent, they hear so many reports of possible terrorists, possible attacks, etc. I don't think they are as cautious as they should be at times.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  10. Dean is Islamo-rabid. And so am I. lol

  11. PS: Classical music is all I listen to Dean.

  12. Just classical music Roger? Why not the mellow sounds of Jazz greats like BB King or the stirring sounds of the Big Bands? I love classical, but also Jazz, Big Band and some Rock. Try Duke Ellington for a change, he is a mixture of the classical and jazz.

  13. Findalis -- I've listened to and liked all of the above, but my first love is classical. I've been listening to classical music since I was 18. Besides, there's so much rich diversity within classical music itself -- from Mozart to Shostakovitch, from Mahler to Glass -- I never feel deprived. And I'm still learning every day.