Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Crucial Question

A note from Radarsite: In response to a recent Radarsite article our good friend and fellow blogger Findalis began her comments with this important but unfortunately still controversial statement:

Findalis said...
I am reminded that this war is a war
between the forces of Good against the forces of Evil.

To properly defend ourselves against this ruthless onslaught of the Bloody Religion of Peace we must first and foremost accept the existence of Evil. For some of our delusional friends on the left this seems to be a concept that is totally foreign to them. All wars, they hasten to explain, are merely the selfish actions of self-interested nation-states competing for world hegemony. All the participants have equally meritorious claims. In these great global conflicts there is no such thing as right or wrong, just differing perspectives.

If this view of our world is correct then Islam has as much moral standing as Christianity or Judaism, and is just as valid a form of society as a democracy.

How can we prosecute the GWOT and not believe in the existence of Evil?
In response to this question I am reposting a previously published article, which is I believe worth revisiting. In my opinion, there can be no better experts to answer this weighty question. - rg


A Crucial Question: Two Important Answers

Sir John Keegan:
"The world's preeminent military historian."

Professor Gerhard Weinberg:
"One of the world's foremost scholars on
Hitler and Nazi Germany."

Recently Radarsite had occasion to pose the following question to both Sir John Keegan and Prof. Gerhard Weinberg:
"Considering the number of revisionist histories which have been published in these past few decades, attempting to depict the Second World War as merely a morally-neutral conflict between nation-states over competing self-interests, do you still believe that that war was indeed a battle between Good and Evil?"

Both men answered with an unequivocal, Yes. Despite all of the intervening arguments to the contrary, both of these acknowledged experts still viewed WWII as a battle between the forces of Good and the forces of Evil -- although, Prof. Weinberg added that the forces of Good had had to make temporary common cause with another force of Evil (the Soviet Union) in order to achieve its ultimate victory.

Why is this an important question today?

In our present PC society, where almost every moral stance has been eroded and weakened by those currently-popular concepts of moral equivalency, it is crucial for this beleaguered country of ours to accept the fact that Evil does exist. And, to believe that that is what we are currently fighting against; and that, as flawed as we may be, we are indeed the forces of Good.


  1. All wars are fought for some reason or another, but very few wars are fought for moral reasons. The US Civil War was one of them, World War 2 was another. Good defeated Evil in both of those. (Sorry Southern Americans, but Slavery was and is an evil.)

    We are now faced with an evil greater than that created by Hitler or Stalin. An evil that only Satan himself could have created. For although Hitler and Stalin murdered tens of millions of their fellow humans, Islam would enslave or murder billions if it had a chance.

    The victims of Islam have been greater in number than those of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein all put together. And they are poised to destroy billions more.

    And what does the Western (Civilized) Nations of the world do when faced with such evil? They cave in and appease them. They raise up their hero, Neville Chamberlain to the masses. They turn their backs on the good and cry: "Islam is a religion of peace!" "We must be courteous to all those who wish to kill us." "Muslims and Islam are innocent victims of Jewish/Israeli aggression."

    And in doing this, the West will fall. For the Islamists are just smiling, laughing behind the leftist elites back, waiting for an opportunity to strike with the knife of Shar'ia. And they will.

    I am reminded of a quote by Edmund Burke:

    Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.

    Will the good men and women of the world just stand back and do nothing, or will they finally stand up and make their voices heard?

    Only history can answer that question. And I hope our decedents will not condemn us if the answer is no.

  2. Human nature can certainly be blamed for war but that doesn't change the nature of the nature - some is evil and some strives to do good in the face of what seems to be unsurmountable peril, gets it wrong sometimes, fixes it and triumphs.

    The problem is, a lot of people do not read our blogs. If they did, the menace would be gone:-)

    Maggie's Notebook