Friday, May 22, 2009

My Email to George Galloway (The Cat Man)

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

The figure on the right is George Galloway.
He is a member of the British Parliament (really).
In this photo, he is appearing on a reality show on British TV posing as a cat drinking milk from a bowl.
(I am not making this up.)
Last night at the University of California at Irvine, he called me a liar.
I am flattered.

In connection with the previous posting, I have sent the below email to British MP George Galloway at his Parliament address in connection with our confrontation last night. I wanted to ensure that he had access to the disputed videotapes, for which he called me a liar.

Dear Mr George Galloway,

Last night, at UC-Irvine, I asked you a question about anti-Semitic expressions seen and heard in recent pro-Palestinian rallies in the US. I also quoted you a statement made by one Mohammed al-Asi, an imam, in which he stated at UCI, "Jews are low-life ghetto dwellers-you can take a Jew out of the ghetto, but you cannot take the ghetto out of the Jew." I also asked you about reports that Jews in the UK were afraid to walk the streets in certain parents of British cities.

While condemning the words I attributed to Mr al-Asi, you called me a liar for my accounts of anti-Semitic statements made by pro-Palestinian demonstrators ("Long live Hitler"- Jews go back to the ovens", etc) As for the situation with anti-Semitism in the UK, you failed to address that question.

I would like to refer you to my blog posting of May 22 (entitled George Galloway at UC Irvine). My blog is entitled, "fousesquawk" (

This posting contains YouTube videos and a photo of demonstrations that occurred in January and February in the US. They speak for themselves. You, sir, are much too intelligent and well-informed not to be aware of these incidents.

Finally, I would like to say that notwithstanding your concerns of disruption and violence, our side does not engage in such behavior (which your sympathizers often do). There was much I wanted to say to you, but the protocol would not allow for pro-longed debate. As an American, I found your comments about President Bush and my country offensive and unworthy of a British Member of Parliament. Outside of the cozy confines of that hall and university campus, nobody in America cares what you think about anything. I suggest you take your radical views and return to Britain.

Moreover, ten of you couldn't make one George Bush. That man removed two of the worst regimes in modern history from power and gave 50 million Muslims a chance to live in freedom. Meanwhile, you were having tea and crumpets with Saddam Hussein and his murderous son, Uday. Had you had your way, the Husseins would still be ruling Iraq, the Taliban Afghanistan, the rape rooms and torture chambers would still be in operation, the mass graves still filling up and women would still be shot during half-time in Kabul soccer stadiums. Please don't lecture us about morality. You don't have the standing.

I hope you will watch the videos I posted for your viewing pleasure. Then ask yourself-who is the LIAR?


Gary C Fouse
adj teacher


  1. I hope you receive a reply from this moral coward, although I very much doubt that you will.

    When faced with self evident truths, people like Galloway have a tendency to duck for cover.

    I admire your forthrightness in confronting this lying sack of worthless humanity.

    Maybe one day Galloways come uppence will arrive to taunt him. If this ever happens I hope I am still around to witness it!

  2. Mr Fouse,
    Thank you for standing up to this dhimmi coward and I feel that what you said was said for many of us. I have detested this man for quite sometime and he will NOT take up your challenge, of that I am sure. This man does need to return to Englanstan where he and the Ms. Jacki Smith can swear matching burquas and headscarves.