Monday, May 4, 2009

Barack Obama's World View and How it Affects America

by Maggie Thornton at Maggie's Notebook

How many times have you commented that Barack Obama voters knew nothing about him when they cast their vote at the polls? I've said it often. How well do you verbally size him up? Who is he? What is he up to? Can you put it into words, or explain it to your nephew or your daughter? See photos and a video below.

Barack Obama

Remember when Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose sat down just three days before the November 2008 election and admitted they hadn't a clue who Barack Obama really is. Rose asks about Obama's "world view," and his views on China - both say they know nothing about either. They know nothing about Obama's "universe of thinking." It doesn't get more pathetic than these two S.O.B.'s admitting how they robbed the American people of vital information about Barack Obama. Brokaw says the media must be "vigilant," but they weren't. He said a reporter needed to bring "intellectual vigor" to this election, but they didn't - they didn't dare. You can see the video of that conversation below.

When I'm trying to explain what makes Obama tick, I know plenty.

I can talk about his father, his father's philosophy, his father's connections, his father's communism, his father's writings, and the Muslim influence in both of their lives. I can talk about Obama's own admission in his book Dreams From My Father, when he said he tried to take his father's "high blown ideals" as his own. He said he sought his father's attributes in himself. He needed to "prove" himself through political organizing, as did his father.

President Obama's Father, Barak Hussein Obama, Sr.

To discount his distant father's influence, and his ardor for communism is foolish, but that's just what America did. A quote from Obama Sr.:
...there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income so long as the people get benefits from the government commensurate with their income which is taxed.

I do not see why the government cannot tax those who have more and syphon some of these revenues into savings which can be utilized in investment for future development.
Obama Sr. believed in the communal ownership of land, and the forced confiscation of privately controlled land. He wanted the nationalization of European and Asian owned enterprises, including hotels...and writing from Kenya for the East Africa Journal, Problems Facing our Socialism, published in July 1965, he wanted these operations handed over to the indigenous black population." He attacked the economic proposals of pro-Western ideals proposed by African leader Tom Mboya. Obama sided with communist-allied leader Oginga Odinga. You can view a pdf of the original document by following the links from Sweetness and Light.

Then there's the mother who loved Muslim men, who painted with broad, vibrant strokes, the son's father...and seeded those stories in the mind of the boy. There's the mother who left her son behind in Hawaii at a certain age to pursue her own self-interests.

I know about Barack Obama's years with with the Gamaliel Foundation and his gloried community organizing in Chicago. This article sums it up succinctly and offers credible links.

So knowing all this and more, I admit that I still find it difficult to put into words who I think Barack Obama is, or what I believe his motives to be, but another blogger has found those words and put them together ingeniously. The entire article wastes not a word. Here are some snippets from The Return of Scipio.

His life has been fully marinated in the world view of those who hate capitalism, call the US the source of much of the world’s evil, believe the Jews to be the main problem of the Middle East, see themselves as most qualified to govern “the people”, equate opposition with heresy and despise traditional religions and values. They are absolute and total creatures of government and could not survive outside of it. Indeed, this is the reason why all of their proposals involve government. The greater the size of government, the more power they have. The fact that liberty is reduced for the citizenry is irrelevant, since the ruing classes will always have the freedom to do what they wish.

Obama and his sorts exist in some bounteous ether where taxes, small cars, high gas prices, reduced incomes and the toil of daily life affect only those who do the actual work of the nation. They award themselves beautiful homes, large and fancy automobiles, excellent food and citizen subsidized foreign travel. Indeed, their entire lives are subsidized by the taxes they impose upon the masses. And with the increase of government—which really is an increase of job prospects of the ruling classes and their families—the numbers of these types will increase, as will the taxes imposed to maintain such sumptuous lifestyles of these rich, famous and powerful.


The grand design of all these teeming intellectuals all over the globe is to create a world system where they and their type sit at all the tables of governance, control all the levers of power and distribute all the world’s wealth. Obama sees himself at the head of this motley throng. It is obvious that these types have no particular loyalty to any particular geographic area. Obama himself has nothing particularly American about him. Search all you like but in him you will find no Jefferson or Madison. He is really a citizen of that transnational body of intellectuals that imagines the entire world as its proper stage and the rest of us as mere bit players in its grandiose drama. The members of this elite regard the entire earth as part of their rightful inheritance and desire a world government composed of themselves.
Read every word at The Return of Scipio and thanks to Jim Simpson at Truth and Consequences.

Barack Obama's World View and How it Affects America(Video)


  1. Obama worship has been fueled by the media's longing for a liberal leader who could win a Presidential election. This worship has already led to some horrible decisions - Cap and Trade, Card Check, Stimulus and much more. The media just keeps playing defense for the president.

    Some voters now, though, are expressing regret. Obama's original campaign intent was to reveal as little as possible about himself. The fact that he is good looking and a great speaker was enough to push him past the dour McCain.

    Voters need to recover. For a humorous look at how recovery might be approached, there is a 12-step Obama worship recover plan at:

  2. Tremendously important article, filled with insight -- and exasperating questions. Great work Maggie. You're on another roll.

  3. While reading this post, a word-association came un-called-for to mind:

    Oginga Odinga



    "The Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad

    Oginga Odinga Obama

    Who's have thought that we'd be mouthing these sounds as if they were part of our culture?

    They belong back in the Urschleim (primeval ooze)

  4. MAS1916 - thanks for the link. I'll follow it. We all need some humor these days.

  5. urbanadder22: I haven't read Heart of Darkness for a very long time. It's in my bookshelf. As soon as I get over the current depression, I'll pull it out and read it again:-)

    Yes, our culture is changing in significant ways.

  6. There is no doubt quite a bit of buyers remorse!

    Did You Ever Have Regrets?

    It has happened to all of us at one time or another. A suit, a car or the vote for the new school budget. It just hasn't happened before where the stakes are so high.

    Here is the question:

    If you voted for President Obama, are you glad that you did, and you would do it again?

    Did you vote for President Obama, and if you had to do it again, knowing what you know now, you wouldn't?

    Did you vote for someone else, and you would vote for someone else again?