Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Luton, England Islamic Centre Fire Bombed: Lionhart's Hometown

by Maggie at Maggie's Notebook

I know many of you follow Lionheart and his hometown of Luton's efforts to abate the probing and creeping Islamic influence in that community. Lionheart has been the center of the local government's focus on behalf of the Muslim community - meaning there is a plan to silence the objections of Lionheart and others who want their town to remain British. Now, an Islamic Centre there has been fire bombed. See a video below

Luton, England Islamic Centre Fire Bombed

Many in Luton believe certain Muslims are hoodlums, drug runners and worse. Now, I need to say this: nothing I say should be used to place Lionheart in any particular light other than a good one. I'm just an on-looker who would like to help but has no way to do so, SO, DO NOT hold Lionheart responsible for anything I say.

LutonToday is reporting that The Islamic Centre in Bury Park Road was set on fire and the police believe this is a case of arson. No one was injured but a lot of damage was done to the structure. A burned-out BMW 3-series was found nearby, and police believe the vehicle is connected to the fire.

This is frightening to me because I think there could be a scenario that attempts to implicate Lionheart and others in the fire bombing. This is just a guess on my part. I have no inside information. I have not corresponded with Lionheart. I just read. You also can read through Lionheart's archives to get the complete picture. You can glimpse some of the problem in the video below, as you see Muslims protesting the return of hometown military heros. Another part of the story continues to be that Luton police will not allow Brits to peacefully gather and march in protest to the Muslim agitators. Muslims are granted a license, Brits are not. God help Great Britain.

Whatever the situation or the realities of the police investigation, I am reminded that Lionheart and Luton needs to remain in my prayers. Please join me.


  1. Fire bomb = molotov cocktail?

    Burned out BMW found near the building = stolen motor vehicle?

    Building still intact = not much thought given to setting it alight in the first place?

    Answer = the strong possibility of an inside job.

    Muslims are renown for 'setting up' those they wish to be rid of, even their own kind!

  2. Nemesis: That's the first thing that came to my mind. I have no way to know the truth, but I think this might be a dangerous time for British patriots in the area.

  3. I have followed Lionheart for awhile now and this nasty bit of business in Luton. I share your concerns about what might be tried against him and others who are in the forefront of the counter jihad movement there. Have to agree with Nemesis and Maggie here on the possiblilty of this being an "inside job." Mussies are notorious for this type of action. All to garner support, play the victim and discrimination cards. They are so good at this. Highly suspect for sure. If I lived in England I would certainly be doing much more for Lionheart. I have no problem standing in the gap for this person and have the utmost respect for the fight he is waging against islamofacism. Prayers, you got them. The very least I can do!