Sunday, May 3, 2009

British Female Judge Converts to Islam - Video

by Maggie at Maggie's Notebook

A female District Judge in Britain, Marilyn Mornington, has converted to Islam. She specializes in violence against women and child abuse, and specifically abuse against women in the Muslim community. She involved herself in the lives of Muslims to learn more about it. She says as she began to read the Koran she had no choice in the matter. I believe she is saying it was inevitable that she would convert. She mentions that someone (name is inaudible) "had his eyes on me." If you know who she is talking about, please leave a comment. See the video below.

Mornington is talking to Imam Hamza Yusuf, an American. He teaches at the Zaytuna Institute in California. He was born Mark Hanson in Walla Walla, Washington, and converted to Islam at the age of 17.

One blessing is that we can choose how or if we will worship, and who we will worship. This lady has every right to convert, but I have to wonder, who will do the mediating for her when Islamic violence dogs her every step. What if she changes her mind? No chance of leaving Islam - and especially for a woman.

And, as a side note, can't you imagine how a Brit will feel standing in court in front of this woman?

Watch the two women looking on as this Judge speaks. By the way, have you ever seen a Muslim woman wearing yellow or red burqas? Perhaps these are not technically burqa's??? Have you ever seen a Muslim woman flaunting blonde bangs? Any color bangs?

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  1. What an idiot -- unfortunately, she's an IWP (idiot with power). God help the poor Brits.

  2. :-) haven't heard of the IWP but I like it. Couldn't believe the look on the faces of the women listening.

    I think they also believe she is a IWP.

  3. the near futur all the british and american and the entire world Non muslims will convert into the Islam....

    1. Shujat,

      I would love to see you approach me and give me the three choices of conversion, dhimmitude or fight to the death. I choose # 3.

  4. Mohammed, his fellow conquerers & sex with captives

    This is the account (Bukhari, Tabari, Ishaq) of just one attack of Mohammed and his followers on a peaceful, hardworking, Jewish farming community for the purpose of stealing their property and enslaving their women and children. In the process the 600-800 men and boys were brought before Mohammed at his request, and beheaded, while their wives and children looked on as their husbands, fathers, and sons were beheaded. They were then taken as slaves, along with the rest of the property of the Jews that Mohammed stole as "booty", with Mohammed receiving 1/5 of the spoils for himself as he detailed for himself in his recitations.

    Sura 8:41 And know that out of all the booty that ye may acquire (in war), a fifth share is assigned to Allah,- and to the Messenger...

    Aisha, the prophet's child wife, put down her dolls long enough to give us this report: Tabari VIII:29 "Muhammad pitched a round tent over Sa'd [the wounded anti-Semite] in the mosque. He laid down his sword, having just returned from the Trench. Then Gabriel came to him and said: 'Have you abandoned the fight? By Allah, the angels have not yet put down their weapons! Go out and fight the Jews.' So he called for his breastplate and put it back on. Then he went out and the Muslims followed him."

    War was more important than prayer to Islam's dark spirit: Tabari VIII:29 "The Holy Prophet (peace be unto him) said, 'No one should pray the afternoon prayer until they are in the territory of the Qurayza because warfare against the Jews is incumbent upon Muslims.'" Ishaq:461 "The Muslims had been totally occupied with warlike preparations. They refused to pray until they had come upon the Jews in accordance with Muhammad's order. Allah did not find fault with them in His Book, nor did the Messenger reprimand them for it." Postponing a prayer so that they could besiege innocent families was so religious of them. They were setting a fine example for terrorists everywhere. And it's pretty hard to misinterpret this prophetic decree: "Warfare against the Jews is incumbent upon Muslims."

    Demonstrating his deep-seated racial hatred, Muhammad unleashed what we would call hate speech: Tabari VIII:28 "When the Messenger approached the Jews, he said, 'You brothers of apes! Allah shamed you and cursed you.'" Muhammad's mouth was as foul as his manners. Bukhari:V5B59N449 "On the day of the Qurayza siege, Allah's Apostle said to Hassan, 'Abuse them with your poems, for Gabriel is with you.'" When it came to racial hatred, Islam's prophet was a full-service provider.

    "The Holy Prophet said, 'Submit to his judgment.' So they submitted. The Messenger of Allah sent a donkey with a saddle padded with palm fiber, and he was mounted on it."

    That's obviously not how it happened, so let's check the Sira: Ishaq:461 "After the siege exhausted and terrorized them, the Jews felt certain that the Apostle would not leave them until he had exterminated them. So they decided to talk to Ka'b Asad. He said, 'People of the Jews, you see what has befallen you. I shall propose three alternatives. Take whichever one you please.' He said, 'Swear allegiance to this man and accept him; for, by Allah, it has become clear to you that he is a prophet sent from Allah. It is he that you used to find mentioned in your scripture book. Then you will be secure in your lives, your property, your children, and your wives.'"Getting one out of three right wasn't bad for a Muslim: Muhammad was Allah's prophet.