Friday, May 15, 2009

Code Pink Amazon Attack on Donald Rumsfeld and Wife

by Maggie at Maggie's Notebook

Donald Rumsfeld and his wife had just arrived at the Washington Correspondents dinner when an amazon from Code Pink along with her shrill little friend Madea Benjamin, approached, got up-close-and-personal and yelled over and over "war criminal," "war criminal."

Remember when Rick Lazio approached Hillary during a debate in thee 2000 NY Senate race, and asked for her signature on a fundraising agreement? He was castigated for invading "her space." Lazio's political career was all but over. The hue and cry from the left was unbelievable. Read some commentary at Althouse about that incident.

The woman you see in the video is one big woman - much bigger than Rumsfeld. Why didn't security get her out of his face? She could have had a suicide belt or a knife until the scarf she was wearing. Listen as the amazon says says she would handcuff Rumsfeld if she could.

The security team needs some sensitivity training - sensitive to a physical threat in progress.

I wonder what member of Congress gave them a pass to get in the door?

Donald Rumsfeld - Code Pink

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  1. I've said it before... These people are perfect examples of why some animals eat their young.

    Also, I must say, it's a good argument for abortion...late in life abortion. It's not to late. tap...tap...drop.