Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Glowing Embers of Hope ?

The Netherlands Bans Burqa

After months and months of disheartening reports from all across Europe, Scandinavia and Britain of more and more muslim cultural victories and seemingly endless shameful Western capitulations, finally some good news! Thank you Netherlands!

The Dutch cabinet said Friday it wants to ban burkas from all schools and prevent government employees from wearing the head-to-toe Islamic robes, but said it was impossible to outlaw them altogether.

Thank you for being one of the first Western democracies to show some courage and fighting spirit [see Spook's article below]. Thank you for saying Enough Is Enough: You cannot take our values and our culture and our history. And we will not submit to yours.

A tempest in a teapot? Perhaps. More show than substance? Possibly. But we can only hope not, we can hope that this is the awakening we have all been waiting for. We can only pray that this is the sign of things to come, welcome evidence of some small but still glowing ember of Western pride. And we Western writers must fan these embers to the very best of our abilities, and nurture them until they can grow into a roaring inferno of patriotic passion. In these small embers lie the hopes of our glorious and imperiled Western Civilization.

We are watching you from across the sea and praying for your success in this virtual Clash of Civilizations taking place on your rich Dutch soil. We support you wholeheartedly and we care deeply. Your fight is our fight. And it is a fight we all must win.

Bravo brave Dutch people! And God bless you!

Een speciale boodschap voor onze Nederlandse lezers:

In verband met de laatste inwikkeling in Nederland; het eventueel verbod van de Islaamse Burqa, horen wij bij Radarsite graag uw opinie. Stuur aub een e-mail in het Engels of Nederlands via onze Bio pagina. Alvast hartelijk bedankt, en heel veel sukses.


  1. All countries should follow suit, especially Western nations.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. Emotionally great. Rationally dumb. Sure, we're all in need of hope, awakening, and signs. But can we not think more than one move ahead? Calling for bans on burkas, minarets, yadda, yadda are tactics without a plan. So what is the plan?

    Should we try to contain Islam by just policing the worst aspects of it? As someone once said (probably Hugh Fitzgerald) "you can't rely on Ataturks". Islamists just get slicker and take power wearing suits instead of turbans. But the retrograde force of Islam is impossible to control long-term. Their demographics are outbreeding the rest of us. Once the constraining forces are outbred, the direction will quickly turn to Sharia.

    So, we're back with the likes of Lawrence Auster and those who claim that Islam and the West are incompatible and cannot coexist. And I agree.

    Hence you're either an Ataturk (constrain the Muslims), a separatist (separate the Muslims), or a separationist (deport the Muslims). As a separatist/separationist (I would like the latter, but think the former is more likely), I say that tactics on burkas and minarets are dumb. Let the Muslims display all their "glory". Let the freak show continue. We need all the advertising we can get. Because the only solution is to separate the West and Islam. Do not subvert Islam, it is a false sense of security.

    Or you could be a reformist, hoping that Islam will reform itself in the West. But hope is not a solution.

  3. To Michael -- Despite that unnecessary little insult with which you begin your comments, you make some valid points. However they change nothing I said in that short piece. I -- in fact all of us around here who have been writing about this every day hardly need to be lectured to about the options involved or their inherent difficulties. If you had taken the time to read some of the other articles on this site you would understand that.
    My point, which you either disagree with or miss completely is that I choose to take this development as a good sign -- a rare commodity in today's market. I choose to think of it as a step in the right direction and a hopeful indication that the Dutch are getting fed up with their militant muslim immigrant population and perhaps beginning to fight back.
    Interestingly, you could have made these same legitimate points without having alienated me by that first condescending remark.

  4. Appatrently "Michael" is just another one who seems to miss the reality that Europe's past Liberal ideology has come home to roost and they are Finally getting TIRED of losing their Historical Identities and Laws and Freedoms .. Belgium GOT it.. Italy is Getting it.. Spain, oh yes they GOT it several times,.. now England, France and Holland are getting it... Michael unfortunately is missing it...But Hey... What is one to say if one is stuck in a box?

  5. Excellent piece Roger and a good find.

  6. Relax dude, no insult was intended. Sorry if my style is blunt. I was talking generally, not specifically to "you". I've heard lots of bloggers cheer this sort of thing unthinkingly and, whilst I have read a few of your articles in recent days, it appeared to me as though this was a tactic without a plan. If not, I apologise. To me, much of the anti-jihad scene is filled with emotional reactions. We need more than a cheer squad. We need ideas.

    Regarding your point, that this is still a good development ... maybe it is in terms of awakening. I know my awakening went through a phases: starting out by "we must ban burkas, minarets, police the extremists etc" and then onto "we must reform islam" and then onto segregation and then onto realising that separation is the only answer.

    All I ask is for qualified cheering in the context of an overall plan.

  7. Michael -- You just don't seem to have a way with words. Even when you attempt to explain yourself it comes off as an insult.
    I am not your "dude", and I'm very relaxed, thank you. I'm just getting a little tired of hearing from you.

    I don't even know you, but I don't think I like you. Sorry. Please play somewhere else or I'll be forced to use my big D button.

  8. Roger.. all I see is a bunch of self impressing verbiage from "M".. may be that looking mirror is getting overused...