Saturday, February 9, 2008

Blips on the Screen: 9 Feb 08

From Spook at Fire Base America:

Netherlands Bans Burqa

Netherlands bans Burqa at government offices and schools!

Read more of this terrific news at Fire Base America

It's not finalized yet, but this is still a great optimistic sign.,0,3273637.story


  1. This is great news!
    Perhaps gradually, oh so gradually we're turning this ship around, despite my pessimism. :-)

  2. God! I certainly hope so, KG! This is a tremendously good sign. I haven't come across any official sources yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this turns out to be exactly as reported. And if it is, can you imagine the backlash the Dutch are in for? We must rally round them and support them to the best of our ability. because th s--t is going to hit the fan. As you say, this may actually represent a turning point.

  3. Go figure.. Firsy THe British PM tell the Malcontents that in England ONLY british laws are recognized in spite of what Sharia proponents are saying, NOW Burquas are Tabu in the land of DRUGS.. Stand by folks for some Illegals Immigrants crossing the ocean ...

  4. In all seriousness, However... Can we be next to experience the Islamo Demands and is there anyone here other than W to Stand up to them????

  5. Hi Redhawk -- we already are next -- re: the demands for footbaths in airports and universities, special privileges, etc. And we have yet to see anyone stand up to them effectively. Not a very good sign, is it?

  6. Until Congress Discovers their Mothballed COJONES and , to begin with, pulls all Support to BEKEZLEY off the table, how can we expect them to Stand up to Both Legal and Illegal Muslim votes????
    After al Libtard Congress people ONLY live to pander for Votes and the Hell with National security and Honor!!!