Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What is Going on in the Jewish Community in Boston?

Gary Fouse

The below video is produced by Peace and Tolerance.com and concerns Imam Abdullah Farooq of the Boston Islamic Cultural Center, a man who is on tape making violent statements, has questionable associations, but who seems to have important friends in Massachusetts.

Now that you have seen the tape and heard a little about Farooq and his associates, you are probably asking yourself why a man who makes such references to a gun and a sword has support from the Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick. Surely, you also remember the name of Massachusttes Attorney General Martha Coakley, right?

No? Remember the Ted Kennedy Senate seat where a Republican surprised everybody by winning? Coakley was the Democratic opponent.

Now comes another interesting sidelight. One of the figures who has brought much of this to light is a distinguished Jewish civil rights veteran named Charles Jacobs, who is with Americans for Peace and Tolerance, an organization whose mission it is to protect Jews from Islamic extremism and support Muslim moderates. As we speak, he is being slammed by about 70 greater Boston rabbis who are defending Farooq, with whom they are engaged in many of those inter-faith get togethers we all hear about. Not only slamming Jacobs, they are trying to make him an outcast in his own community. (Some of you UC-Irvine watchers will note a familiar trend here.) Here is a cross-post from StellaPundit, written by Stella Paul, cross-posted on American Thinker reporting on this story.


A word about inter-faith activities between Muslim, Jewish and Christian groups: In theory, they are a great idea, and no doubt, many are sincere on all sides. I do suspect, however, that many of them-not all-but many- are nothing more than deceptions designed to lull the Jewish and Christian communities to sleep. There is a word-taqqiya- which decribes this deception. The important thing is to truly identify those Islamic entities that are truly moderrate and peaceful in their intentions. That is what Jacobs is trying to get across here.

I need to say another thing here which may offend many of my Jewish friends. I hope they won't take it in the wrong way, but I need to say it. There are many within the Jewish community whom I would (loosely) compare to the old Nazi-era Judenrats and Kapos.*

* The Judenrats (German for Jewish Councils) were established by the Nazis to act as administrative go-betweens between them and the Jews who were being assembled into ghettoes for eventual deportation to the death camps.

Kapos were Jewish prisoners in the death camps who actually were used to herd arriving prisoners and dispose of the dead for a period of a few months until they too were gassed.

I know that is a harsh comparison and perhaps trivializes the Holocaust, which I have no desire to do. However, if ever a second Holocaust comes to pass (and I don't discount the possibility) there will be many Jewish "useful idiots" who will have blood on their hands as they go to their own deaths.

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