Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another Kind of Racism

Gary Fouse

Chinese woman who tells of her experiences going to school in the Oakland inner city. It is disturbing, and it must be brought out into the open.

Note: I am not endorsing any of the reader comments that may appear after the below articles.

Meanwhile, there has been another riot in Paris-this time by ethnic Chinese-a truly astounding event given that community's general law-abiding and peaceful manner. They have aproblem however, they are targets of young hoodlums from the Arab and North African communities. To make matters worse, as with the Jews, there is not much reaction from the police. Here is the story from Gates of Vienna:

Oakland and Paris; two vastly different environments. Last year, there was a similar story out of Philadelphia reporting attacks upon Asian students by black students. What these cases have in common is that they don't attract the attention of those eager to report cases of white on minority racism. But what happens when the racism is from one minority upon another? What agenda does that fit into?

This is my take: All ethnic groups can be affected by racism or religious hate. For decades now, many white Americans have clung to the naive illusion that black racism is not really racism because it is a result of their rage against the oppressors. The Europeans are today making the same excuses for the Muslims who engage in violence in their cities. But have Asians oppressed any other minority in North America or Europe? Hardly. "Rage against the oppressor" cannot explain this phenonym. Is it jealousy against a minority that has been successful? Is it the same jealousy that leads some even in academic circles to express "concern' about the huge number of Asian-Americans in California universities? It is a fact that some in California academic circles would love to devise a way to lower the ratio of Asian-American students vis-a-vis other minorities. I wrote on that issue last year. In my view, if Asian-Americxan students are running circles around the rest of us (including whites) then good for them. It is up to the rest of us do better.

Racism is wrong-period. If Frenchmen in Paris were attacking African immigrants, it would be just as despicable. However, all forms of racism must be openly confronted equally. I hate to remind you, but this is polical correctness in action.

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