Sunday, June 27, 2010

US Government Boycotts Arizona: Border Control Joins the Heist

The U.S. Government is boycotting the State of Arizona, jeopardizing the livelihood and personal safety of the people who are legitimate citizens, in the endless quest to protect those who are not, and doing so in violation of federal law. The Department of Education and, astonishingly, Border Control joined the heist and cancelled conferences, where taxpayers have long paid for bureaucrat's massages and sauna time in Arizona's beautiful desert climate. Our government placed signs just 30 miles out of Phoenix saying the area is rife with armed drug and human smugglers, and announced they will sue the state for attempting to defend their own borders. Obama's stash brigade of unions and government workers are mowing down the private sector. He and Attorney General Eric Holder believe they can break the state and if they can break the back of Arizona's sovereignty in our courts, we have to ask, who is next?

Who's Flag?

Danger - Public Warning
Travel not Recommended
Active Drug and Human Smuggling Area
Armed Criminals and Smuggling Vehicles

In Venezuela's recent past, the working class fought hard against Hugo Chavez' power grabs, but not hard enough. Chavez took away much of everything it takes to make the private sector work, and vested his heavily fortified government pawns and the riff-raff on the street with "his stash." The Stash Brigade bullied and threatened and voted - maybe more than once, and the Venezuelans outside the government lost everything. It didn't happen overnight, but when it did happen, it moved rapidly.

In the land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, we have our own government pawns - their numbers growing mightily every day. Obama's Stash Brigades are the unions, government employees and everyone needing a pension bailout. Many millions of voters.

Chavez nationalized most heavy industry, with another grab this week, and placed tight regulations on business and finance. He devalued the currency, known as the "strong bolivar," and the people lost half of everything they had in January 2010. Chavez didn't let the private sector crisis go to waste. He used his own now hefty government "stash" to lavish on social programs and raises for bureaucrats - the charter members of the Chavez Stash Brigade.

The masses of government pawns won the battle, and the country is has been led into Marxism, as they passed the marker of Socialism. Another South American dictatorship is rising:
Government negotiations with opposition forces are nonexistent; the judiciary rarely restrains government action; state employees are forced to act as campaign props and vote for the government; electoral authorities disregard the law; and the ruling party is allowed to make use of state resources that are systematically denied to the opposition.
The above quote from Javier Corrles, a contributor to Huffington post, comments on the "chaos" in Venezuela:
Chavismo advances its objectives by enabling chaos. This produces discontent, but it also discourages collective action against the state...the promotion of disorder.
The government does nothing to stop rising crime rates or arbitrary decisions of the bureaucracy. Consequently, ordinary citizens live in fear of random violence, regime opponents live in fear of targeted assaults by state-sanctioned thugs, and business leaders live in fear of attacks by government-sponsored labor groups.
Free speech no longer protects Venezuelans. There are notelevision channels free to express opinion against Hugo Chavez, after finally shutting down Globalvision. And, grocery stores shelves are empty - as "mountains of rotting food" lies in government warehouses. Read this horrific story at the Conservative Hideout.

When government pawns approved lifting the ban on terms limits in Venezuela, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, along with Fidel and Raul Castro congratulated Obama's "stash brigade" is galloping, and private businesses in the U.S. are stagnant as business owners wait to see what taxes and regulations are coming at them next. Anyone thinking the path to Chavez' heavily booted footprint is not in the line of vision of our government, is ignoring a somber reality. 

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