Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Get Ready-Obama to Speak to the Nation

Gary Fouse

US Government agencies in action on the Gulf Coast
(Wait till you see how they run health care.)

Tonight is the night we have all been waiting for since that oil disaster began a couple of months back. Tonight, the Messiah, Barack Obama, will speak to the Nation. Tomorrow, all the problems in the Gulf Coast will be solved. What will Obama say? Here is the official Fousesquawk preview.

First, he will tell us that the "buck stops here" because he's the President. Then he will talk about all the problems going back the previous decade (Bush). Count how many times he will say, "Day One" to describe how his administration has been on the job from "Day One". Maybe he will tell us about those 12-13 federal agencies, which all have some degree of jurisdiction over this and that, who are stepping all over each other in what must resemble a figure 8 stock car race in gridlock-"since Day One".

He will also announce that he is appointing an "Oil Recovery Czar". God only knows who that might be. The czar will report directly to him. Maybe he will also appoint a "Blue Ribbon Commission" that will report directly to him-or the czar.

He will tell us how he is kicking BP's ass with one boot while keeping the other boot on BP's neck.

He will talk about how this disaster is teaching us that we must find alternate, green sources of energy and move away from drilling. Don't expect him to say anything about how the environmentalists have forced oil companies into much deeper waters where capping a leak is more problematic because that technology has not caught up.

Similarly, don't expect him to tell us why the EPA declined an offer from the Dutch Government on Day Three to supply skimmers that would collect thousands of barrels of oil a day.

Don't expect him to explain why all those miles of booms have been sitting in a warehouse in Maine while Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was pleading for the government to send booms.

Don't expect him to explain why Jindal, tired of waiting, is sending in the National Guard to set up booms to protect the state's coastline.

Of course, his clones at MSNBC will follow up by telling us that the President said precisely what he had to say to restore public confidence in the government. Fox will say the opposite.

The truth is he is probably better off saying nothing. Not too many people are listening any more.

Another truth; yes, the disaster is BP's fault. It is their responsibility to cap the leak and pay for all the damages and costs. It is the oil industry that supposedly has the expertise to accomplish this. The government's responsibility is to help keep that oil away from our coastlines.

My liberal friends will tell me that I am a hypocrite for demanding government action when, as a conservative, I am always arguing for smaller government that stays out of our lives. On the contrary, government's first and most important duty is to protect the nation, its citizens and property. Seems to me that this fits right into that category. It is fair that he and the leaders of the impacted states be judged on their performance-not their words.

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