Sunday, May 23, 2010

Phil Gordon-Phoenix's Sanctuary Mayor

Gary Fouse

In the debate about the Arizona immigration law, you may have seen Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon opining about how unfair the law is. Gordon is the mayor of a city that has become the kidnap capital of the US. And we're not talking about the Lindburgh baby, folks. We are talking about kidnappings in relation to the smuggling of human beings (illegal aliens)from Mexico. Yet, here is what Gordon has to say (Hat tip to Kathy Shaidle and Frontpage Magazine Newsreal blog):

So you see, according to Mayor Gordon, the bad guys in this whole sordid mess are those right-wing hate mongers on talk radio.

In case you don't know the details about Phoenix's kidnapping problem, it works something like this; illegal aliens pay a few thousand dollars (in many cases, their life savings) to the coyotes to guide them across the border. Once in the US, many of them fall prey to other Mexican kidnappers, who then keep them under guard in homes until the victims' families can cough up a few more thousand dollars to get them released. Nice, huh? And that's not even talking about the kidnappings, murders and other violence associated with Mexican drug smuggling.

Yet, Gordon apparently is ok with the fact that his city is the capital of this evil enterprise. Hey, maybe he figures it's good for the economy. What he needs is a Fairness Doctrine so we will remain uninformed.

Here's another aspect of Arizona's illegal immigration situation you may not be aware of if you don't live there. I want you environmental activists out there to pay close attention. Here are some photos from the Sonora Desert area south of Tucson. They were forwarded to me by a friend whose wife is a (legal) Mexican immigrant and US citizen from Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. (I don't know the actual originator of the photos.)

These pictures were taken in a wash about 1.5 miles long along the smuggling route south of Tucson. Along with the clothes, bottles and other trash, you can imagine the human waste. It is an environmental disaster area. Have you seen these images in the news? Of course not. The media doesn't want you to see them. Our government doesn't want you to see them.

Phil Gordon doesn't want you to see them.

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