Sunday, May 23, 2010

Obama and Daniel Pearl

Gary Fouse

Last week, President Obama signed the Daniel Pearl Freedom of Press Act in the Oval Office in the presence of the family of Daniel Pearl, Wall Street Journal reporter who was murdered by beheading in Pakistan in 2002 by Islamic extremists.

Some have criticized Obama for refusing to take questions from the press immediately after signing the bill. Ironic as that is, there is another side of the story that the media is not addressing.

Daniel Pearl was not beheaded because he was a reporter. He was not beheaded by the government of Pakistan. He was beheaded by Muslim terrorists because he was an American Jew. In fact, those were the last words Pearl spoke before he was beheaded.

"I am an American Jew."

Regrettably, the President said nothing about that fact in his words. He said not one word about who the killers were or why they really did their foul deed. I can well understand his not wanting to speak too graphically with Pearl's young son next to him. However, not to state the true reason behind Pearl's murder and who the perpetrators were is shameful.

"I am an American Jew."

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