Saturday, May 1, 2010

Michigan Passes Tough Immigration Law-Protests Erupt

Gary Fouse

Can you tell who the Canadian is?

Last week, Michigan Governor John Conyers signed a draconian new anti-illegal immigration law into effect designed to combat the wave of crimes by Canadians crossing the border illegally (chiefly by swimming across the river from Windsor, Ontario into Detroit).

The reaction was immediate.

While most Michiganders support the law saying that the situation in the state had become intolerable, white groups condemned the action calling it racist and a prelude to racial profiling.

In Washington, President Yogi Berra called the law, "unconstitutional" and directed his attorney general, Joe Arpaio, to have the Justice Department look into the law to see if it was constitutional.

Director of Homeland Security and former Michigan Governor, Jenifer Granholm, was also sharply critical of the new law predicting it would run the state into the ground (again). The Canadian prime minister has issued a travel advisory for Canadians planning travel into Michigan. However, bill supporters point out the hypocrisy of Canada's complaints by referring to that country's tough immigration measures on its own northern border, which make it virtually impossible to enter.

Canadian Coast Guard intercepts vessel carrying illegal aliens into Canada from Arctic Circle

In related developments, the on-going drug war rages on in the Canadian border regions between the French-speaking Montreal Cartel and the English-speaking Toronto Cartel. Just yesterday, gunmen from the Toronto-based "The Jerks" shot down five members of the Montreal-based, "Les Folles" on the outskirts of the disputed region of Ottawa.

Meanwhile, "Sheriff Al" Sharpton, in an interview on "Larry King on Life Support", defended the new measure calling for the government to "enforce the law".

Jesse Jackson, traveling on the north side of Chicago, could not be reached for comment. Back on the south side, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright proclaimed,

"God bless America! If there's one thing this country doesn't need, it's more RICH WHITE PEOPLE!"

In other states, some politicians are calling for a boycott of Michigan even extending to the purchase of Detroit Lions gear-which nobody buys anyway.

"Sir, please remove your head covering."

Others are not so enthusiastic. When interviewed by a cute female TV reporter, LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said only,

"It's none of our business".

Meanwhile, the ACLU issued a statement saying,

"We support our law enforcement."

Today, some 100 Canadians and Canadian-Americans are expected to march in downtown Detroit to protest the law. The Detroit Minutemen had this to say,

"We'll be ready for them."

But there is good news. Mexico has agreed to put tough controls on its nuclear enrichment program.

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