Saturday, May 8, 2010

Henry Waxman Wants Tracking Devices on All Cars

Gary Fouse

"Oh, Henry...track me, track me"

Democratic Representative Henry Waxman (CA), also known as "Handsome Henry", has come up with yet another bonehead idea. This time, he wants to require that every car in the land be equipped with a "black box" recorder that would track our whereabouts as we are driving (to those tea parties, I suppose).

Believe it or not, Comrade Waxman is reportedly working on legislation that would produce a system like On-Star to be placed on all cars. That way, Handsome Henry will know where every car in the land is at any given moment.

Naturally, this would produce countless new government jobs. Green jobs no less! Think how many bureaucrats it would take to monitor all the cars in America.

Keep in mind, this is the same aparatchnik who has been pushing that "Fairness Doctrine" that would basically destroy talk radio by smothering radio stations with regulations and lawsuits.

How's that "Hope and Change" working for you, folks?

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