Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Global Race War?

Warning: This article has a PC rating of "X"

Are we in the beginning stages of a global race war?
Not yet, thank God. But consider this.

Islam, through the obvious successes of Al Qaeda and its affiliates in intimidating and embarrassing the West, has touched the heartstrings of many of the colored peoples of this world, and re enforced that seething undercurrent of post-colonial victimization that runs at varying depths throughout the Third World. Thus, thanks to the cynical machinations of the Islamists, our world is in danger of being divided once again -- as Japan and Germany both attempted to divide it in their own special ways, for their own special purposes -- between those supposedly exploited peoples of this world and their purported oppressors, who, they have once again convinced themselves, are the cause of all of their troubles -- past, present and future.

By ingeniously tapping into this latent but persistent strain of reverse racism, Islam has presented itself as a champion of the Third World in its never-ending battle to break free from the cruel shackles of white suppression. This is how this very real Clash of Civilizations is beginning to play itself out -- even here in America with the recently uncovered Wright/Obama anti-white crusade.

Unfortunately, the great and undeniable flaw in this seductive paradigm is that, with a few notable exceptions, whenever and wherever the black man, or, if you prefer, the man of color, has achieved a certain amount of autonomy and broken away from the yoke of overbearing white governance the consequences of this new found freedom have almost invariably been bloody and chaotic. Whether we look to post-colonial Africa, or those sordid post-colonial kingdoms and ruthless dictatorships of the Middle East -- or even our own American cities where the black majority has taken hold of the reins of government, the results are invariably the same: society self-destructs and the crime rate soars. Outside investments quickly dry up and corruption runs rampant. Whether the example is Haiti, Philadelphia, Rhodesia, Algeria or New Orleans, the same bloody post-colonial, post-white governance downward-spiralling scenario plays itself out.

This is such an explosive subject. It has become almost impossible to talk about it without creating a huge furor, or nowadays, without actually breaking some new multiculturalist law. Yet, somehow, to deal with the truths of our world, to even attempt to solve some of its most critical problems, we must find the courage to discuss these issues openly, honestly, and without malice.

What, then, is my point? Am I merely trying to prove that whites are somehow superior to the colored peoples of this world?
But it is undeniable to all but the most committed ideologues that by almost any standard Western civilization has proven itself superior to a lot of other civilizations. What, then, is the proper message to those people in some of those other civilizations who feel disenfranchised and betrayed by history? Give up? Accept the inevitability of the white yoke forever? Learn to live with the fact that you were somehow born naturally inferior? Hell no! I repeat -- Hell no! This is the hopeless and deadly message of our enemies. This is the negative message of inverted racism. This is the darkness of Islam.

Our message is simply this: Cut out the crap. Start being truthful with yourselves and quit blaming others for all of your troubles -- the Crusaders, the white colonialists, the Jews, the WASPS -- The Victimization Card only gives you a losing hand. If you attach yourself to the victim's cause, the cause of hatred and resentment and revenge, you will lose your God-given chance to succeed. Look at history and try to be honest. Did the Victimization Card ever really work? It certainly doesn't look that way to me. The Victimization Card has given us endless strife, a lot of wars, and a few Indian casinos, but has seldom if ever helped a suffering people.

No, the way out of the darkness is to follow the light of truth. If your way hasn't proven successful, then dump it. Attach yourself to those other ways of thinking and acting that have proven to be successful. Go with the winners. The winners don't have colors, they have civilizations. Don't lay back and sulk with the losers. Are you listening, Palestinians? Don't plot revenge, plot success.

This whole volatile subject has nothing whatsoever to do with race or color, but everything to do with civilizations, and everything to do with truth.

Of course, this whole earth-shaking subject is to be considered taboo. We are forbidden to even broach this subject. We are all, we are being admonished every day, equal. All peoples are equal, all religions are equal, all races are equal. If one group of people gets ahead of another group of people in terms of civilizational development it must have been perpetrated through some kind of trickery or malfeasance. Not by hard work or merit. Not by finding a system that works.

Damn it. Islam is succeeding by suppressing the truth of its real tyrannical and totally intolerant nature and presenting itself as the rallying banner of global victimization. And we, in the Judeo-Christian West, have yet to find a viable method to counter the deceitful foundations of this growing movement. All of the unsuccessful or disgruntled people of this world are now to become united under Islam in their struggle against all of the successful people of this world. In fact, in this new-fangled version of religious Marxism, individual success itself is now to be considered the ultimate evil. The price for this apparent unity demanded by Islam of all of its subjects and converts is the same price that all tyrants have demanded throughout the course of human history -- submission, or in another word, "Islam".

Are we, then, in the beginning stages of a global race war?

Not yet. But, take heed -- if the Islamists continue to seduce converts into their bleak world vision, it could soon become one.

And then, God help us all, no matter what color.

Note: I almost forgot to give proper credit to Maggie's Notebook, for her great article about the utter uselessness of the UN. This is what actually got me going. You've got to read it.



  1. It seems that Jeremiah is working hard to:
    1) sell his book..
    2) Incite the "troops" to get ready for some insanity of actions If the Anointed one is not chosen.. that takes care of the Nation
    Poncho Pinata Richardson seems to be enlisting Chavez to illustrate hoe our Enemies can suypport our Defeat by backing Barry Ho.. and Jammah Cawtah has already got HAMAS to come out in support of Barry Ho...and that seems to go overseas.. I am left to wonder who is going to enlist the support from Iran , Noko and China for additional support in the ULTIMATE SELLING OF AMERICA??

  2. Whoa! Radarsite is taking on all the hot issues.

  3. Thanks Redhawk.
    And what can I say GSG, I'm just hot.
    I'm still waiting for all the hate mail that will accuse me of racism.

  4. The theology of "victimhood" is what the Black Church teaches. Pity me for I am oppressed.

    Blacks in America have been oppressed in the past. Jim Crow laws, lynchings, KKK, they all worked to keep black Americans oppressed. But in the 1950's and 60's laws and attitudes were changed towards those laws and groups.

    Now who is oppressing the blacks in America? Jackson, Wright and Sharpton. They cry racism every time a black man is arrested, every time a black woman cries rape. There can be no evidence to support the claims, but the liberal media will eat it up!

    Then we have the Third World. They cry racism when they don't get their own way. They scream that the West is more advanced and will not give them the technology to advance. They want it all in a hurry. And when given funds for technological growth, those funds go towards weapons and into Swiss Bank Accounts. You can see this very clearly in Africa.

    So they turn to Islam for a solution. And then their nations go slowly downhill. The majority of nations who are Islamic are also the most impoverished.

    I look at Israel as an example of what a people, a nation can do when it spends its money wisely.

    When Israel was founded 60 years ago it was not the technological or advanced nation it is today. It wasn't a leader in agriculture. It's Army was barely afloat. But given the right funds, the right education and the will to develop the technology needed by not only the nation, but the world, it is now listed as part of the 1st or Western world.

    African nations could have done this, but they would rather be called "victims".

  5. Thank you Findalis. To me, this may just be your best comment ever on Radarsite.

  6. Roger you are certainly very courageous to tell it like it is. I see in the not too distant future a Democratic congress passing a bill to create a Victimization card for all marginalized and oppressed victims of white privilege. It would look like a credit card and can be used for everything imaginable. Illegals can use it to vote in all local and US elections, for free medical attention, for groceries, at the nail parlor, or just to buy a room full of new furniture. No questions asked. Just swipe it in the machine and the government (you and me) will pay for it. Now isn’t that such a simple solution?

  7. Roger you made me blush! Thank you.

  8. right on Roger...dont be scared to speak Truth to power!

  9. But what about genetic racial differences in IQ? I think that is the true cause of disparities and it isn't going away, no matter how much cultural shifts occur in "oppressed" people.

  10. Absolutely correct.... Sharpton, Wright and all the other race pimps are now destroying our country the way they used to destroy neighborhoods for their own profit and at the great expense of everyone else especially African Americans.....we all have to stand up now for what is right.And what is right certainly doesn't include keeping people down and out so you can rule your own little empire....at their expense.
    Truly excellent post........

  11. FaultlineUSA - hush up! What an idea! I'm betting we'll hear a parrot on the House floor tomorrow proposing this dynamic initiative - and he/she won't credit FaultlineUSA:-)

    Roger, thank you so much for the comments about the U.N. piece and the link.

    You are so right when you say this is not about race, but all about "civilizations." I think as soon as we conquer the despicable leaders of these civilizations and free the people, the light of the truth will blaze and never will anyone want to go back to the prior life, EXCEPT those who can capitalize on evil.

    Your Palestine example is perfect: "Don't plot revenge, plot success." I really believe the whole Islamic frenzy is about power - someone else's power - and, I'll say it, power for the males, because we know the females have no power.

    I have a theory (fantasy really), and this applies to any country under Islamic rule: if the most powerful people in the free West came to the "people" of these oppressed and war mongering countries and said, you can leave now, you can take those with you that you love and care about, and when you choose them, they will accept what you want and will agree with your decision in the blink of an eye - don't be concerned about how that will happen, it just will. You can relocate to any free country, you and yours will be safe to make a life, no one within Islam can hurt you or anyone you know - you can work to make a living, your children can go to school and you can worship freely, and all of this is forever.

    EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE ISLAMIC WORLD WILL CHOOSE TO DO THIS, except those at the very head of the snake gaining obscene wealth with the ability to commit obscene evil.

    Switch it up, no matter the color, including Blacks in America, given the choice to live without historical anger, in order to be emotionally healthy, and to be told that you can be smart in school and your Black peers cannot and will not mock you; you do not have to be in a gang - no one will put your family or you in danger. No matter how much education you strive for, or how you choose to make your livelihood, you will be respected, and your anger, hurt and fears will never be again be exceptional, and your family will understand, your friends will understand - THEY WOULD ALL CHOOSE TO DO SO - if the anger and/or peer pressure could magically be melted away.

    I think everyone, everywhere would choose to be free, and I don't think one person's freedom is another person's oppression. We all know what freedom is.

    Snatch any young, powerless man out of Gaza and offer him the above and he will snatch his family and be gone.

    There is a place where this can work: in a day dream on a warm sandy beach, somewhere beautiful in the world. Sigh.

    Those unhappy Muslims living in the West are probably under some form of Islamic law within their communities, and indeed, how can they be happy? The women are still enslaved, the average man is still powerless. As to being unhappy because they are not in their homeland, as I have heard them say is their chief gripe - I'm not buying it. How many immigrants have longed for their homelands, but valued their freedom above EVERYTHING.

    I think Islam has seduced the free world into succumbing to a ridiculous and dangerous level of political correctness (profiling, Islam is a peaceful religion, etc.) - again, there is the "civilization" connection - ours, the "civil" one - quickly accepting that we must offer ourselves up as a sacrifice for our Bill of Rights.

    Roger, you mentioned their God-given right to succeed. Amen.

    What an excellent and important post you have here. Has your blood pressure returned to normal yet?

    Maggie's Notebook

  12. To my Radarsite readers --
    I decided to post this article to The History Channel, just to see what the reactions would be. Here's the latest comments:

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    Read A Global Race War?
    Posted: Apr 30, 2008 5:44 AM (1 of 4)

    Are we in the beginning stages of a global race war?
    Not yet, thank God. But, consider this.

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    Read Re: A Global Race War?
    Posted: Apr 30, 2008 9:03 AM (2 of 4)

    What a stupid post.

    "There is no god, but Allah (The God of Moses, The God of Abraham, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords)!"-- The Noble Qu'ran
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    Read Re: A Global Race War?
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    Almost as stupid as you saying anyone that doesn't vote for Obama must be a racist.....
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    Read Re: A Global Race War?
    Posted: Apr 30, 2008 9:16 AM (4 of 4)

    Regor sends us, "or even our own American cities where the black majority has taken hold of the reins of governement ...society self destructs..."

    It will be interesting to see what racist fools line up to defend this bs post.

    I guess they don't like me too much over there. lol rg

  13. I post on the History Channel Boards as Mystical Time Traveler. Welcome to the boards. You will find that many will call you a racist and bigot for your views.

    MPA is a black wanna be Muslim who thinks the US is the worst country in the world. And be careful of the one called Li Zhuo Shi. He is a Chinese Government Shill. ScipioUSMC is a DA, and the be very careful of David Ben-Ariel. He was arrested in Jerusalem for trying to blow up the al-Aqsa mosque. He was deported from Israel under an insanity plea.

    I have found many on the board will agree with some of what you say, but they police themselves via PC.

  14. Once again I am indebted to you Findalis for your support. Thanks for the info. I already figured out that they were probably not going to be my best new friends. But I wanted to put it out there anyway. As long as I reposted some of their comments I thought you might like to read the response that I left in their comment section:

    Am I surprised at the negative response and the name-calling?
    Of course not. Calling me a racist merely shows me that you completely (and I suspect, purposely) misunderstood the entire thrust of the article -- if you even bothered to read it. How much clearer could I have been? This has nothing to do with race and color and everything to do with honesty. Calling me a racist is simply a way of avoiding the conclusions of the argument. Your mind is obviously closed and I have no illusions about changing it.
    I was very careful about the examples that I used, and I only used a few of the many that I could have used. But, just to take one -- Philadelphia, this is the city that I grew up in. This was my beloved hometown. I knew it like the back of my hand. And I have had the dubious honor of living long enough to see this once beautiful and relatively civil and safe city succumb to the very scenario that I wrote about. For all intents and purposes, inner city Philadelphia is lost. The black majority continues to buy into the black paradigm of victimization by whites, and continues to re-elect black mayors and community leaders who enable this ongoing hopeless vision of their community -- rather than electing mayors on experience and merit, regardless of color. The end results are just what you see. To deny the facts in front of you is only perpetuating the problem and contributing to the disaster.
    This same theme of self-destruction is playing out in almost all of our major cities. And you have the gall to call me a racist for writing about it.

    I could care less what you call me. To me, those who call me a racist, those who dismiss my arguments out of hand are nothing more than moral weaklings, who would rather mouth inane borrowed opinions, delusional feel-good liberal nonsense than to try to fix the problems. The problems are there whether I write about them or not and whether you choose to ignore them or not.
    And, I might add, most of these problems that we are discussing were caused by delusional, self-righteous no-nothings like yourself.
    Have a nice day.

  15. You're welcome. There are some topics that have been tried before. Try having a decent discussion on Affirmative Action and you are called a racist if you want to change it, or on Black culture. Again the racist charge pops up.

  16. Findalis -- actually I did remember that that was you. lol
    I don't really think that I'm going to be spending a lot of my time over there. I just wanted to stir things up a bit.

  17. Let's not fail to remember how today's technology has been used against us and other developed countries.
    What Gutenberg (sic) was to the Reformation; the internet (and cell phones, text messaging, etc., I should add) are to campaigns against us. Oddly, propaganda works even more successfully via one-off forms of communications than personally. The tactic of one negative phrase is enough for the beholder to work permutations of even more negative surmise. Without the benenfit of a caution or explanation, a lie of injustice can appear as an image of full-grown truth before the connection is cut.
    Yet, we, who have developed these technologies are becoming an ever weakening minority with intentionally lessening birth-rates. (Cynical, as this will sound, but never-the-less true; what natural forces used to do to the populations of the third-world, we are accomplishing on our own.)
    Roger, you frequently ask, and I often echo, "Do we have the will...".
    Pretty soon we'll be asking of ourselves questions of greater personal intimacy.
    If we're able to answer that to the affirmative, then we'll have to answer what we want the offspring to be; free, ethical and knowledgeable, or slaves to those with resentments born of jealousy and worshipping ideas of a less enlightened era (some of whom will be native- born Americans).
    There are some things that legislation can do, there are times that prayers seem answered. There are some matters that we have to address with our complete selves.

  18. You can call me a racist...bigot...whatever...but if you're a disabled single white male over the age of 50 and have paid taxes for over 40 years in this country....YOU ARE SCREWED.

    Take my word for it...

    Perhaps if I changed my name to Shaquil or Jose or Muhammad....hmmmm.

  19. Dean makes a good point. But if your a veteran..and ..
    ".... I changed my name to Shaquil or Jose or Muhammad....hmmmm..."
    you'd be even more disadvantaged.

  20. Dean most definitely is a veteran. Please scroll down my sidebar to see his info.