Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Don't mess with Muslims."

Update On The Eight Men On Trial in London For The Foiled Airline Terror Attack

Cross posted from an original article by Susan Duclos at Digital Journal http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/252764

Information coming out of the trial of the eight men that plotted to blow up airplanes destined to the US and Canada, so far shows the plot was ready to be carried out and the men discussed bringing their wives and children along.
In a recent Digital Journal.com article, I reported that the trial for the eight men that were arrested in August of 2006, in connection to the foiled terror plot to blow up planes destined for the US and Canada, had started.

Note: The names of the men on trial are:

Tanvir and Umar

The videos that are being presented to the jury show the men's stated desire to kill as many as possible. One video was made by Tanvir Hussain, where he states, "PEOPLE are going to die. It's worth the price. For many years I dreamt of doing this, but I didn't have any means. Thank God Allah has accepted my duas (prayers) yeah, and provided a means to do this. I only wish I could come back and do this again and again until people come to their senses and realize:

Don't mess with Muslims."
Note: The names of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers were:

Ziad and Ahmed.

Any similarity between these names is, however, purely coincidental, and should not be used as a precedent to racially profile Muslim men in our airports.

"The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam. That's not what Islam is all about. Islam is peace."
-- George W. Bush - 9/17/01

Remember, if we change our way of life or abandon our principles, the enemy wins.
Support the ACLU in its courageous stance against racisim and prejudice in America.

The Racial Justice Program's Campaign Against Racial Profiling fights law enforcement and private security practices that disproportionately target people of color and Muslims for investigation and enforcement. We represent individuals who have been victims of racial profiling by airlines, police, and government agencies...

Yes folks, I am being facetious.

God help us.

Published by Reuters 4/9/08 http://www.reuters.com/article/blogBurst/entertainmentbbPostId=Cz8neME9DYOr5Cz34JXBtDpWXHCz26Sj8tVbILQCzASgerLETldc


  1. You don't see Buddhists planning to blow up planes.

    You don't see Jews planning to blow up planes.

    You don't see Christians planning to blow up planes.

    You don't see Hindus, Wiccans, Janes, or any other religious group planning to blow up planes.

    But Muslims plan to blow up planes.

    Muslims plan to hijack planes. And have.

    Muslims have planned and carried out over 10,000 acts of terror since 9/11.

    Profiling is a good thing when it saves lives. If you have a problem with it, don't fly.

  2. Thanks Findalis. I agree completely.
    I just decided to put a disclaimer at the end of that article, just in case anyone misunderstands my little ironies. lol

  3. Maybe you should use tags like [sarcasm][/sarcasm] Some people can't understand sarcasm these days.

  4. Findalis, if they don't understand sarcasm they're too stupid to be reached with the truth in any case. ;-)

  5. Don't you just start swetting with embarassment when otherwise sophistated people indulge in denial. After all, we consider ourselves an educated and gifted nation. (Well, educated seems to be an arbitrary term.)
    I've just added "The Federalist Papers" to my links for the very reason that when the Founding Fathers were considering our future, not to mention immediate external threats of their day, they were indifferent to sensitivies of who might be likely to encroach on our earned freedom.
    I have little patience left with accomodating the elective blind and the shouting deaf. It's as though the sheep, watching the lemmings run by, have to search for more wool to pull over their eyes and follow the rumble of the parade.
    These people have criminality, murder, kidnapping, etc., as their chosen identity. "How sick" we might say of one. A plague is what we must become sterile to.
    I offer herein a quote from the writer Ovid Demaris when back, maybe thirty years ago, he defined a terrorist:
    "There's nothing more savage than an educated man with a personal grievance he considers a cosmic wrong."

    Why aren't these people setting bombs off on those with whom their grievances have geneses; Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran...and coming soon to the world stage, Bangla Desh?
    That would take guts..which they just 'ain't got any'.

  6. Profiling does not cut the mustard. Exclusion is required. We must deport the fifth columnists, prevent any more from entering, and prohibit them from accessing aircraft and ships.

    Islamic terrorism is doctrine driven, not grievance driven. Their doctrine defines us as rebels against Allah; rebels who must be humiliated, tormented, and killed.

    We can give only one answer: As samu alaikem!!!

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