Thursday, February 11, 2010

Were You Raised In A Barn?

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

 My mother (Of Blessed Memory) would ask me that question when I displayed bad behavior or bad manners or both.  In other words, she would remind me that how I act in public is a DIRECT reflection on my parents.  Thus bad behavior, bad manners would show the world that my parents (especially my mother) were people of the lowest rungs of society (usually associated with prostitution). Good manners, good behavior reflected the message that my family were pillars of the community.

One of the most important lessons I was taught is politeness.  Remembering to say the 3 Magic Words:  Please, Thank You, and Your Welcome.  These open many doors.  The other lesson is to allow a person to speak their piece before you have your say.  To interrupt a speaker with an outburst is not only rude, but shows a lack of maturity on the part of the person who shouted out.  That is why Joe Wilson was wrong when he interrupted President Obama's address to Congress on Health Care.  And that is why this is just as bad:

This evening, the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, spoke at the University of California at Irvine. I attended the event. I wish I could say it was a good evening. Unfortunately, I cannot. While Ambassador Oren comported himself with great class and dignity, the same cannot be said for the campus Muslim Student Union. What happened this evening was a black eye and embarrassment for the university where I have taught for over 11 years (part-time) and cemented the reputation of UCI as one of the worst campuses in the nation for radical MSU activity and anti-Semitism.

There were several hundred people in the audience, most of whom were from the local Jewish community. They were mostly older folks. The speech was sponsored by the local Jewish Federation, Hillel and several other organizations. As expected the Muslim Student Union also showed up. It was obvious even before the start of the speech that they were going to stage some sort of protest. Half of them sat on the left and half on the right.

A few moments into Ambassador Oren's speech, an MSU protester stood up and began shouting insults at the ambassador. He was removed by campus police. And so it continued. After the first interruption, the moderator, a UCI political science professor, took the microphone to admonish the disruptors. Yet, it did not stop. After about the 5th such disruption and removal, the ambassador left the room and Chancellor Michael Drake addressed the audience pleading for civility.

When the ambassador returned, the disruptions continued. Each time, a protester was removed, the audience become increasingly angry and voiced their displeasure at the disruptors. They also voiced their displeasure at Chancellor Drake and demanded to know what was going to be done to the disrupting students. (Of course, at this point, there is a question as to whether the disruptors were actually students who could be disciplined.) The audience was clearly not pleased with Chancellor Drake's pleas for civility. Cries of "what are you going to do about it?" were heard in the audience.

After the 10th such interruption, the MSU got up as a group and left the hall, screaming insults at the ambassador, who nevertheless managed to complete his speech as the MSU gathered out on the street outside and continued their protest, their chants barely audible inside the hall. The disruptions and delays precluded any hope of having a Q&A, which was the original plan.
You can read the whole report and view the pictures of the event at Fousesquawk written by Gary Fouse.

Check out the end of this video.  Did anyone else hear a facility member threatening to fail the MSU group on their finals?  If that happens, then the members of that particular group will not only fail that class, but could be thrown out of school for such behavior.  The MSU could be thrown off-campus if the Administration got over their leftist attitude and dhimmitude.  But coming from UC-Irvine, that would qualify as a miracle.

Check out the rest of Fousesquawk for detailed background on the jihad being conducted on the UC-Irvine Campus with the approval and consent of the school's Administration.

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  1. Are these foreign students or Americans? Whatever the case they should be kicked out of the university. Sadly, the PC views around the world are fast destroying our free speech among other things. Imagine the uproar if Christian or Jewsish students would show up and shout down a muslim speaker! What a sad, sad, day for the free world.