Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Iran Hangs Two More Protesters-Where is Yvonne Ridley?

Gary Fouse

Yvonne Ridley

The below New York Times article reports the hanging of two more protesters by the Iranian regime:


It is not just the despicable mullahs who run Iran that should hang their heads in shame. It is their apologists in the West. I am thinking about apologists like Yvonne Ridley, the British journalist who works for Iran's English-language Press TV. She's the one who is always attacking Israel and hanging out with radical Muslims in the UK who want to bring in shariah law. Of course, I have already asked Ms Ridley on this blog what she has to say about the repressive Iranian regime, but she won't respond. (I know she has read this site because she once commented on it.) Where is she now-in hiding? So tell me, Ms Ridley-while Israel is digging survivors out of the rubble in Haiti, your pals in Iran are hanging 19-year-old youths who dared to protest fraudulent elections. Are you not embarrassed?

I am also thinking of that ignorant fraud who calls himself an imam-Clarence Reams aka Abdul Alim Musa. Like Ridley, he has also spoken on our campus at UC-Irvine-guest of the Muslim Student Union. Like Ridley, he is an open supporter of the Iranian regime.

Clarence Reams-aka Abdul Alim Musa

Where is he? Oh, he is talking about how American police and FBI are "murdering" Muslims in America.

While I am at it, I might ask where the gay activists are since Iran is now virtually gay-free-according to Ahmadinejad. And no wonder! In Iran, being gay is a capital crime-punishable by death- as a Muslim chaplain at Vanderbilt University has just confirmed. So where are the voices of the gay activists?

Well, you see, they have to moot their criticism here because they don't want to offend Islam. That's why people like me (who oppose gay marriage) get called "homophobe" while those who preach death to homosexuals get a free pass. If you a are real homophobe who goes out and beats a gay to death such as Matthew Shepherd, it's news. But if you do it in the name of Islam, well, that's a different story, you see.

So where are you people? Where are you, Ridley? Where are you, Reams/Musa? Where is the gay lobby?

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  1. 39% of iranian citizens are regret their voice. s for ahmadinejad -his policy is truly against all possible human rights. btw he also keeps in prison 3 foregn persons(americans) and they are even not allowed to talk with their family. is it normal?