Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ontario Legislature Condemns Israel-Apartheid Week

Gary Fouse

With the organized "Israel Apartheid Week" coming to many campuses across North America, the Ontario Canada Legislature has taken the courageous step of standing up to the radicals and anti-Semites by condemning the event.

-The Star (Hat tip to the Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism)

Beginning March 1, many North American campuses will bring together the usual coalition of Israel-hating Muslim Student Associations, America-hating leftist academics and other misfits. You will see and hear fiery speeches condemning Israel. You will hear speeches condemning America. And yes, some of the speeches will cross the line over into anti-Semitic Jew hatred. Of course, they will try to deny they are anti-Jewish-just anti-Zionist. But what is the distinction when they support suicide bombers, Hizbollah and Hamas or anybody else that is trying to kill every Zionist Jew they can find in Israel?

Yes, it will be another embarrassing week for the universities who host these vile events. They will wring their hands and talk about free speech. Columbia University, that great institution that has hosted Ahmadinejad, but denied the podium to Muslim apostate Nonie Darwish, will host one Ben White this year. He will speak Tuesday evening. White is a UK-based journalist who hates everything about Israel. His language has been so vociferous that he is widely accused of being an anti-Semite. He denies the charge, but has said in writing that he can understand why many people dislike Jews. Strange. I remember a few years back when a radio shock jock called the "Greaseman" made a similar comment about blacks. As a result, he had to go on an apology tour that lasted months.

As for my own campus, UC-Irvine, I don't yet know when their annual "event" will be-probably in May-that is if the MSU still has standing at UCI in the wake of their multiple incidents, the most recent being the disruption of the Israeli ambassador's speech on February 8th.

If you are part of a university community that is hosting such an event, I would suggest you take some time to attend as many of the speeches as you can. Listen to the hate. Find out what is really going on at your local university. If you don't like what you see and hear, let your feelings be known. Write a letter to the newspaper and the university president asking why such hate speech is practiced on the campus. Talk to Jewish students and see how they react to these events. The fact is that universities prefer that these events occur as discreetly as possible lest the public become aware.

Become aware.

People are entitled to their opinions on Israel vis-a-vis the Palestinians. That is no excuse for a rise in anti-Semitism. Make no mistake; anti-Semitism is on the march. It is also on the march in Europe-yes, that sophisticated continent we Americans all like to emulate because they are so......sophisticated. Over there, the rise in anti-Semitism is approaching 1930s levels. The call it "anti-Semitism without Jews" because the Jewish community is so small. (We know why, don't we?) Yet, Jews in many large European cities like Paris, Malmo, London, Brussels and others are afraid to go out wearing Jewish garb lest they be accosted verbally or physically by Muslim immigrants.

But it's not anti-Semitism, you see. It is "anti-Zionism". That's what you will hear most of the speakers say, but some will not be able hold back their hatred of Jews.

But it's free speech, folks. Nobody will be arrested for what they say next week-nor should they be. But their words must be countered and called for what it is. Hate.

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