Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Shameless Plug For Radarsite

To those readers who may not be aware of it, Radarsite has compiled a list of 50 of what I consider to be my most pertinent essays. I hope that you agree. - rg
The Best of Radarsite


  1. Plug away Roger. You have the right to Toot Your Own Horn!

  2. My Dear Roger,

    What a treat you have served us all here! As big a fan as we are and voracious as we can be, we cannot possibly ingest your every offering. This makes short work of catching up.

    We hope you are well. Take care my friend and do carry on!



  3. Thank you Findalis. And Hello! to my good friend Charlie. Nice to hear from you.

  4. Roger,
    As a somewhat newbie to Radarsite I think this is top deck! What a great bunch of articles. You have evry right to plug for Radarsite, anytime you want to. I have linked Radarsite to my blog and am here several times a day, as my time allows. Radarsite is in my top five of sites I go to and read. Thank you for such a sterling site and your insights are most valuable and appreciated!