Friday, July 3, 2009

Independence Day 2009:The Theft of the American Dream

by Maggie at Maggie's Notebook

July 4th, 2009 finds Americans in turmoil. We do not like the direction our country has taken, and we admit that it veered off the rails several administrations ago. While not every unconstitutional deed happened on President Obama's watch, never have we had a President so determined to shred our rule of law, the life blood of the Nation and at the time, the real life blood of our Founding Fathers.

Samuel Adams, James Madison, Ben Franklin, George Washington,
Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, John Adams

Never have we had a Congress so eager to let the tattered shreds of the Constitution that it allowed to be shredded in the first place, simply lie on the floor to be tread and tromped upon until the night crew comes along to clean up the mess, haul it out and pile it on the trash heap of what was once the American dream...the pursuit of happiness.

Never until now, have we had a Congress allow a President to steal our private industry, choose our light bulbs, our automobiles, our thermostat setting, our zoning laws, rate our homes before we can sell them, prohibit and shame us for travel, and appoint multiple Czars to avoid the dictates of the very Congress that is our system of checks and balances. Never have we had a Congress with such a small measure of selflessness.

The following are from the HBO production of John Adams. Each video and its message stands alone.

The Vote for a Free and Independent United States of America (Video)

Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson fine tune the Declaration of Independence (Video)

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton discuss the U.S. Treasury (Video)

John Adams Speech before the Continental Congress - On Being Free (Video)

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