Monday, July 13, 2009

Al Franken's Committees: Lady Social Justice

by Maggie at Maggie's Notebook

The Repubs sent $95,000 to Al Franken's Senate office. According to law, Republicans had to pay-up for partial costs of the lawsuit defending former Senator Norm Coleman's Minnesota senate seat.

Al Franken - Minnesota Senator

Al Franken's committees have been assigned: the Senate Judiciary Committee as well as the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, the Committee on Special Aging and the Indian Affairs Committee, will enjoy Franken's lively input.

Lady Justice

With Obama's devotion to the United Nations, Franken's swearing-in, Republican filibuster a fond memory, Franken on the Judiciary, and Sotomayor a sure bet, it's time to call things as they are and change the name of Lady Justice to Lady Social Justice. Can someone do a graphic of Lady Liberty without her blinders on, because they have just been rudely riped asunder? View blog reactions

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  1. The picture is fitting. The damages that will now be ensured to heaped upon this country, upon the backs of us taxpayers is pretty much set. I prefer social injustice myself and what is happening to the USA makes me weep and then I get extremely angry. I think of our service men and women, battling, dying
    while this administration
    ignores them and praises MJ.
    The fact that this never funny, commie liberal socialistacrat
    is now a US Senator completes
    the trifecta and ultimate betrayal to the citizens of the United States by the far left.

    The wholesale sellout of the foundations that built this country is now close
    to the edge of the perverbial cliff and we can be 100%sure that the Obama administration will push us completely over the edge, but not before we have been fleeced, our defenses weakened, stripped and our economy left in worse shape than ever before, in the history of this country. Every administration has a jester and clown. Now the mullah in the White House has some real competition for this crown of fools. We, the American people continue to be the
    real losers in all this. I hope I live long enough to see all things done to us by this admisnistration reversed and once again let constituional law and justice be the rule of the land.