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Lionheart: Reports From Across the Pond: 10 Jun 08

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Royals Targeted?

Daily Mail

A Muslim "dedicated to violent holy war" held information about members of the royal family alongside instructions on how to kill "non-believers", a court heard today.

Aabid Khan, 23, was found with details about several royals' lives, including where they lived, it was claimed.

Simon Denison, prosecuting, told London's Blackfriars Crown Court the material was among a "mass" of files, videos and other documents found on the 23-year-old when he was detained at Manchester airport on the way back from a trip to Pakistan two years ago.

Khan is in the dock accused of terrorism alongside Sultan Muhammad, 23, both from Bradford; Ahmed Sulieman, 30, from Woolwich, south-east London, and Hammaad Munshi, 18, from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

"Is he [Khan] a royalist, is he fascinated by the royal family?" the barrister went on. "Or is there some other reason why he has collated that information?"

He said the details were contained on two computer hard drives in his suitcase which were analysed by police experts.

During the second day of his opening address at the beginning of a two-month trial of the former fast food worker and three co-defendants, who were detained later, he explained how Khan's "terrorist encyclopaedia" contained instructions on how to carry out surveillance, prepare explosives, use poisons and advised on preparing for "martyrdom".

He said one document spoke of "assassinating named personnel as well as foreign tourists and freeing captured brothers from the enemy".

It also backed the "spreading of rumours" and "blasting and destroying places of amusement, immorality and sin", as well as embassies, "vital economic centres" and bridges.

Mr Denison told jurors there was information about London's Tower Bridge, similar structures in America, and maps of New York's and Washington's subway systems. Among the videos recovered were some that featured the Washington Memorial in Virginia and the World Bank in the US capital.

The barrister said another file spoke of the maturity, obedience and "willingness" a jihadist required to martyr himself for his goal of establishing the global rule of Islam.

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A note from Radarsite: The latest message from the Religion of Peace: No one is safe from our righteous wrath; not even the Royal Family, especially not the Royal Family. You are infidels and therefore you are legitimate targets.
Will this latest outrageous plot awaken the Royals to the threat from their coddled Muslim population? Probably not.


  1. Would an attack on the Royal Family wake up the majority in Great Britain to the dangers they face? No. They would be angry for a while, then go back to their regular stupor.

    Considering how entrenched Charles is in the Multicultural Camp, and that given a chance he would become Muslim, I don't see how this will be any different to him.

  2. Perhaps the best solution would be to remove the entire British family from Britain in much the same way Prince Harry was removed from armed service in Afghanistan -ostensibly for his protection and those around him. Always better to retreat than to stand one's ground, eh? Alas, Britain's modern credo!