Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Terrorist Attack That Went Practically Unnoticed

Gary Fouse

Hat tip The Blaze and to John Speedie for audio

Radio Host Says Brendan Tevlin Murder Is Evidence of Domestic Terrorism
Ali Mohammad Brown
He didn't do it for the children.

We are hearing a lot of talk recently thanks to the emergence of ISIS about future terror attacks here in the US. Keep in mind that Al Qaeda long ago called for lone wolf attacks in the US. Maybe you haven't hear about this one that occurred in June in New Jersey. Until I heard about it last night on Fox News, I didn't know either.

Meet Ali Muhammad Brown. He is accused of killing three people in Washington state and another in new Jersey. In the NJ killing of a 19-year-old man, Brown has told police he did it to avenge "what Americans are doing to Muslims."

So here we have another 4 killings carried out by a "lone wolf" acting on his own, and in at least one of the cases, it was done to avenge perceived offenses against Muslims.

Here is more from The Blaze based on information from radio host Todd Pettengill, who appeared on Fox News last night. Keep in mind that Brown was arrested in New Jersey about a month after the latest killing.

So it appears that only because some alert reporters got a hold of court documents have we even learned of this. Should that not have been reported by police at the time of the arrest given Brown's statements, so that the public would be better informed about the threat that is out there?


And what about that much vaunted hate crime business? What if some guy gunned down a Muslim simply because he was Muslim and the shooter wanted to avenge 9-11? You think that might have been front-page news? You think CAIR would be blaring it from the rooftops?



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