Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Eric Allen Bell's Story

Gary Fouse

This summer, Hollywood film maker Eric Allen Bell spoke before an Act for America audience in Corona, California. He told of his project to make a documentary film about the Murfreesboro, Tennessee mosque project. Initially, being a liberal, he supported the project. As time went by, he learned much that bothered him about the mosque organizers and the wider issue itself. He became an outspoken opponent of the mosque, and in the process, became ostracized by his ex-friends in Hollywood.

In recent days, Eric has been falsely associated with the video, "The Innocence of Muslims" that has been connected to so much violence in the Islamic world directed at our diplomatic missions and the murder of our ambassador to Libya and three other Americans in Benghazi. As a result, he has received literally hundreds of death threats and has had to relocate to a secret location. Think of that; an American citizen has to go into hiding because of death threats against him for speaking his mind. A large proportion of those threats have emanated from Pakistan.

In this talk, Eric tells his story before the recent events and his perceptions on combating violent jihad.

Eric makes a salient point: This should never be about bashing Muslims or hating Muslims. It is about supporting human rights. That is where the debate can appeal to most thoughtful people.

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