Friday, October 12, 2012

Blasphemous video was a cover for Islamic violence

First posted: 17th September 2012

The blind sheikh who looks like something that has crawled out from the pit of hell

Foreword: A warning was issued by Al Qaeda and affiliated groups in Egypt prior to September 11th stating that the American Embassy in Cairo would be attacked unless the blind sheikh and other jihadi prisoners were released from prison.

The blasphemous video was then released on the 11th which then gave a pretext for all American Embassies around the World to be attacked, after the one in Cairo was first attacked which was already a target of Al Qaeda prior to the 11th for completely different reasons.

Al Qaeda have a well known Libyan wing who have been sending suicide bombers to Iraq over the years, and this group immediately followed suite obviously following orders from higher up the hierarchy, galvanising support on the ground under the guise of the video and then successfully storming the Embassy and assassinating the sitting American Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

The video that was released in Egypt, that was created by an Egyptian Coptic Christian living in America who has endangered the lives or all Coptic's in that Country was somehow timed perfectly to Al Qaeda's own timescale in Egypt and set the stage for a well orchestrated global response by fundamentalist jihadi elements throughout the Islamic World.

Al Qaeda said they were going to target the American Embassy in Cairo, the video was released so they attacked it under this pretense and the Islamic World followed suite under the guise of the video, while all along the leadership of Al Qaeda and affiliated groups were directing the proceedings from the beginning that now sees American Embassies around the World ransacked, burning and staff murdered.

How are things going to look when the violent protesting stops?

Al Qaeda might not control the Governments of Islamic Nations but they do control large numbers of moslems on the streets who are ideologically aligned to their religious philosophy as has been shown.

Article: Raymond Ibrahim blogJihadis Threaten to Burn U.S. Embassy in Cairo

by Raymond Ibrahim • Sep 10, 2012 at 3:58 pm

Jihadi groups in Egypt, including Islamic Jihad, the Sunni Group, and Al Gamaa Al Islamiyya have issued a statement threatening to burn the U.S. Embassy in Cairo to the ground. According to El Fagr, they are calling for the immediate release of the Islamic jihadis who are imprisonment and in detention centers in the U.S. including Guantanamo Bay: "The group, which consists of many members from al-Qaeda, called [especially] for the quick release of the jihadi [mujahid] sheikh, Omar Abdul Rahman [the "Blind Sheikh"], whom they described as a scholar and jihadi who sacrificed his life for the Egyptian Umma, who was ignored by the Mubarak regime, and [President] Morsi is refusing to intervene on his behalf and release him, despite promising that he would. The Islamic Group has threatened to burn the U.S. Embassy in Cairo with those in it, and taking hostage those who remain [alive], unless the Blind Sheikh is immediately released."

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