Sunday, March 18, 2012

Karen Lugo on LA Sheriff Lee Baca

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to Townhall

"Sharia is no threat to the US, right Buffalo Bob?"

Karen Lugo has written a piece for Townhall on LA County's "Sheriff to the Stars", Lee Baca, who, when he's not having luminaries like Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton in his jail facility for tea and crumpets, is hanging around with questionable Islamic leaders and doing their bidding. In this below piece, Lugo compares Baca to NYPD Chief Ray Kelly and refers to Baca's recent appearance at the Orange County Islamic Center, an event at which I was present.

It gets worse. At the Orange County event, Baca and LAPD chief of the Counter-Terrorism Unit Michael Downing sat on a panel as the panelists, including Democrat congresswomen Maxine Waters, Loretta Sanchez and Judy Chu lambasted Republicans like Peter King and turned the event into a partisan political affair. Also singled out for criticism were the NYPD and FBI-all while Baca and Downing sat there silently.

Moreover, after the event, I spoke with Downing one-on-one and informed him that in 1992, the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman, had spoken at the same mosque as a guest of head imam Muzammil Siddiqi and had given a sermon on violent jihad, which was interpreted in real time by Siddiqi. His response?

"Well, Gary, you know some people change over time."

When I mentioned the name of Zuhdi Jasser (mentioned in the Lugo article) to him as an example of a true moderate Muslim, he didn't even know who he was. He asked me if Jasser were connected to people like Steve Emerson and David Horowitz.

This is what is protecting us from terror?

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