Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Death of Merah- Many Questions Left Unanswered

Gary Fouse

We awoke this morning (PST) to the news that French police finally killed Mohammed Merah in Toulouse in a final assault. Again, I am linking the live blog from the UK Telegraph courtesy of Vlad Tepes, which seems to be the most informative at this point.

The police, of course, wanted to take Merah alive to see if others were involved. It is highly possible others were. Thus, this death is not the end of a tragic story. Aside from the above question, France, Europe and all of us have some serious introspection to do. This will not be the last atrocity committed against innocent Jews in the West.

This is largely the result of the intense and well-organized demonization of Israel by Palestinians and their useful idiots in the West. This is what it has led to. Forget this phony differentiation between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. The former is merely a cover for the latter.

The Western media, particularly in Europe, has also played a role. They have adopted the Palestinians as their pet victim and contributed to the demonization of Israel. They have downplayed or ignored the anti-Semitic harassment against Jews played out on European streets because they didn't want to condemn their restive, unassimilated Muslim immigrants. Malmo, Sweden is a prime example, where the old Jewish community is leaving because they can't take it anymore. The mayor says, "Goodbye and good riddance" to them because he hates Israel. What Malmo has left is a 25% Muslim population that riots on a more or less regular basis.

Other cities like Paris and Oslo have entire neighborhoods and suburbs where the police don't even go-so-called "No-go zones". European cities, once noted for their safety in contrast with American cities, are now awash in crime, assaults, and rapes.

I have been amazed that the US News media has not given the Toulouse atrocity the attention it deserved-in marked contrast to Europe. The affair has truly rocked France to its core, and to a lesser extent Europe as well. In fact, if you wanted to follow the events, instead of the main stream US media, you had to go to French/European sources including blogs. Once again, the blogs are doing the media's work for them.

There is an article that has been going around the Internet for a few years now by someone identified as Sebastain Vilar Rodriguez entitled, "European life ended in Auschwitz". This person is believed to be fictitious, but the words are thought-provoking. He talks about how Spain and Europe have gotten rid of their Jews-the ones who were contributors to their societies and replaced them with an unassimilated mass of Muslim immigrants, many of whom contribute nothing but crime as they collect benefits from the government and spit on the host country's culture and values. Hateful? Sure. Unfair to the Muslims in Europe who don't cause problems? Sure. But the truth has to be faced squarely. Europe has a massive problem on its hands that will overwhelm them in a couple of decades if the demographic trend continues. It is not a matter of white vs brown. It is a matter of combating not only rising crime, but hatred that manifests itself in what we saw in Toulouse. It is a matter of Europe not only maintaining its identity, but its freedoms as well. Behind all this social train wreck and lack of assimilation is a political ideology/religion that makes no differentiation between religion and state. It has disdain for the freedoms that Europeans exercise, which they think (rightly in some cases) is decadent. Decadent it may be, but it is part of our personal freedoms that may not be in conformance with any religion. A free society does not make its laws conforming strictly to religion.

But what to do? Does Europe throw up its hands and say it is too late? How do you say to an entire population of immigrants that you are not welcome here and should leave? Europe also shares part of the blame in that when they brought all these workers into their countries to do the manual labor they didn't want to do, they didn't care about assimilating them. Then came the so-called political refuges. Now the chickens have come home to roost. Now they are dealing with grown up children of immigrants who hold citizenship-as did Merah-but don't feel themselves European.

But it has gotten worse than merely lack of assimilation. Now Europeans are seeing their children massacred for no reason-other than they are Jewish. What kind of sick mentality shoots a three-year-old child in the head just because she is Jewish? It is the same sick mentality that was on display a year ago in Itamar when a Palestinian massacred an entire family in its home including slitting the throat of a months-old infant in its crib.

We have no need for this type of mentality in a free and civilized nation.

But the question is not yet answered. What to do?

The prime ministers of the UK, France and Germany have all admitted in recent years that assimilation has failed in their countries. A few years ago, the prime minister of Australia told the Muslim community that if they were not willing to accept Australian values, they should leave. It is time for Europe to send that same message. It is time for the Western leaders to hold a summit with Middle East leaders and tell them as politely as possible that until this madness passes from history, more Muslim immigrants cannot be accepted.

This is not a call for Europeans to start rounding up innocent Muslims and shipping them home en masse. It does seem reasonable to begin the process of deporting those non-citizens who are on the public dole and/or  have been identified as radicals or criminals.

Here in the US, we have enjoyed remarkably more success with our Muslim immigrants in that most came here as part of the educated class. The problem here is nothing like it is in Europe. But there is concern. We have seen plots thwarted that involved American Muslims. There is a radical element among our college youth. We also have so-called main stream organizations like CAIR claiming to represent American Muslims. What they really represent is stealth jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas-for starters. Most American Muslims are not of concern, but they are still viewed with suspicion. It is unfortunate, but the suspicion has a basis in fact.

It is a harsh message that needs to be sent, and law-abiding Muslims who came to the West to escape sharia and live a better life in freedom will be hurt. Nonetheless, the message has to be: Assimilate, respect our traditions, our laws, our freedoms, our plurality, and leave your hatreds at home. There will be no sharia in the US or anywhere else in the West. If that is the life you prefer-to live under Islamic law- then you know where you can go.

It is time for the West to stand up and deliver that message.

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