Sunday, July 4, 2010

Planner of 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre Dies

Gary Fouse

On Saturday, Mohammed Oudeh died in kidney failure in Damascus. His funeral was held in the nearby Yarmouk refugee camp, where his coffin was carried by a crowd of about 500 mourners. Oudeh (73) was also known as Abu Daoud. So who was this man Oudeh, and why was he given a hero's funeral? He was one of the key planners of the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre that resulted in the deaths of 11 Israeli athletes and one German policeman. For that, Oudeh, unrepentent to the end, was given a hero's send off (above).

Here are some photos of Oudeh's handiwork in 1972.

Israeli Olympic team victims

During standoff at Olympic Village

Israeli team apartment

Fuerstenfeldbruck Airport after final shootout

That is what earns you a place of honor in the pantheon of Palestinian heroes.

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